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Julie Castle with a cat in her lap and another cat walking by

In My Own Words – A Vision For The Future

By Julie Castle | June 21, 2018

Eight weeks ago, I was accorded the extraordinary privilege and honor of being appointed to the position of CEO by the Best Friends Animal Society Board of Directors. It was the culmination of four years of preparation following the board’s decision to select me in their succession planning. A previous blog by our board chair, Francis Battista, gives some background on my 22-year career with Best Friends up to this point, but this entry is about the future. These past weeks have been someth

Woman holding white Chihuahua-type dog as part of transport following Hurricane Harvey

The power of partnership

By Julie Castle | September 6, 2017

Nearly 300 Best Friends Network partners from around the nation commit to taking 4,000 rescued pets following Hurricane Harvey – but more are needed to save lives.

Hurricane Harvey

By Francis Battista | August 27, 2017

Best Friends disaster response team heading to Texas to help deliver emergency supplies and assess the impact on animals following Hurricane Harvey.

Dont blame Craigslist or any other marketing channel for adoptions gone wrong

By Julie Castle | January 14, 2016

A number of posts deriding Craigslist as an unsafe venue for adoption promotions have crossed my screen recently. These tend to bubble up following an expose of some animal abuser who adopted a dog or cat via a Craigslist ad. The sky isn’t falling. Such anger and distress is misplaced. Craigslist, like Petfinder, Facebook or your local newspaper, is simply a megaphone to reach more people. Sixty million Americans access Craigslist every single day, looking for everything from jobs to new cou