Mama the German shepherd in her new home
December 03, 2018

Lucky German shepherd from Harris County Animal Shelter finds home with Best Friends’ Francis Battista and illustrates the importance of adopting pets.

A man and a woman talking to each other in an animal shelter with a small beagle between them
November 21, 2018

Rather than typical prison-like structures, animal shelters in the future are expected to be more like community animal resource centers.

Woman carrying a brindle and white pit-bull-type dog
November 13, 2018

Collaboration among Los Angeles animal welfare organizations helps save animals during California wildfire crisis.

White and brown pit-bull-type dog with cropped ears with mouth in a smile
November 07, 2018

With the help of Best Friends’ legal team, IMLA unveils its new safety-first, breed-neutral dangerous dog model ordinance – and it’s already making an impact.

Smiling woman holding two tan and white puppies next to a transport vehicle
November 07, 2018

The first 70 of 800 dogs from south Texas are on the road to shelters in Colorado and New Mexico to find loving homes.

Person holding a tiny black and white kitten in blue gloved hands
November 07, 2018

Best Friends in Los Angeles has committed to save every kitten from L.A. city shelters between now and the end of the year, but help is needed.

Person wearing gown and rubber gloves cradling a litter of kittens
November 07, 2018

Best Friends co-authors position statement calling for transparency in data provided by animal shelters.

Smiling woman with a pointy eared pit-bull-type dog behind an orange couch
November 07, 2018

Los Angeles foster homes needed for dogs and cats with medical conditions in order to become nation’s largest no-kill city.

Smiling man looking into the eyes of a black and white dog
November 07, 2018

The emotion of empathy isn’t just limited to humanity, but sometimes we can learn from our canine friends.

Hurricane Florence courtesy of NOAA
November 07, 2018

Best Friends working with partners in the Carolinas to help evacuate shelter animals to safety from the storm.