Jessica with Hans the German shepherd saved in Los Angeles
January 26, 2018

Remarkable lifesaving progress has been made in the City of Angels since the founding of the No-Kill Los Angeles Coalition in 2012.

Australian sheep dog mix on a leash with his tongue sticking out of his mouth
January 18, 2018

Thanks to new data and working together to Save Them All, good progress has been made to reduce the number of cats and dogs killed in America’s shelters every year.

John Garcia with Meryl the Vicktory dog
January 03, 2018

In the 10 years since coming to Best Friends, the Vicktory dogs have blossomed, becoming beloved ambassadors for pit bull terriers and dogfighting victims.

Smiling man helping at the NRG Arena behind a white dog after Hurricane Harvey
November 16, 2017

Almost three months after Hurricane Harvey, Best Friends has wrapped up operations at the NRG Arena in Houston, after helping nearly 800 animals.

Smiling brindle pit-bull-type dog rescued after Hurricane Harvey
October 23, 2017

No-kill means saving shelter animals’ lives every day, as well as following disasters like Hurricane Harvey.

Woman hugging a rescued white pit bull type dog wearing a sweater after Hurricane Harvey
October 16, 2017

Overview of Best Friends’ efforts with Hurricane Harvey animals and a detailed account of the outbreak of canine distemper in the shelter population.

Two dogs, with one on top of the other, on a blanket on a chair
September 26, 2017

Though art is often intended to be controversial, animal abuse is not art. Join others who are outraged and let the Guggenheim curator know your thoughts.

Small fluffy Maltese-type dog
September 18, 2017

Californians asked to urge governor to sign Assembly Bill 485, landmark statewide legislation banning the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits from mills.

Woman wading through water to a vehicle that has a dog looking out the driver side window
September 13, 2017

Best Friends is partnering with Jacksonville-based First Coast No More Homeless Pets to help people and pets affected by Hurricane Irma. Please help.

Woman hugging dog after being reunited following Hurricane Harvey in Houston
September 11, 2017

Thanks to collaborative effort, pets are ready for reunions with their families at the NRG Arena in downtown Houston after being separated by Hurricane Harvey.