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Saving homeless pets in Camden County

You can make a difference for the homeless dogs and cats in your community.

Hundreds of thousands of loving dogs and cats were killed in communities around the nation last year, just because they didn’t have safe places to call home.

With your help, we can end the killing in shelters and save lives of homeless pets here in Camden County, New Jersey and beyond. 

To save vulnerable dogs and cats in Camden County, New Jersey, Best Friends Animal Society and Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center are working together as part of a new foster program. 

The focus of the program is on saving homeless pets’ lives through fostering. Once pet fosters are recruited, they’re given the training and supplies needed to save the lives of dogs and cats. 

Want to help save the lives of dogs and cats in Camden County? You can create a healthier community for both people and homeless pets when you foster, adopt, volunteer and advocate for the dogs and cats who need it most.

Camden County

Foster: open your heart and home

When you foster a dog or cat in Camden County, you’re not only providing a safe and loving place for a homeless pet to learn and grow, you’re helping to make room in shelters.

Fostering an adoptable dog or cat in your home, even for just a few nights, is a great way to help save a homeless pet’s life. Best Friends is in need of foster homes to temporarily care for homeless pets while they wait for their adoptive home. 

Providing love and a safe space for them is all that is required. All supplies, including food, and medical care will be provided. You’ll have 24/7 access to support and mentorship while the dog or cat is in your care. 

For questions about fostering, please email us directly at

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Adopt to help save homeless pets

When you adopt a dog or cat who’s been patiently waiting for a place to call home, you’re saving a life.

You’re also making space in the shelter for other homeless pets in and around Camden County, and giving them a chance to grow, thrive, and find families of their very own. You might not feel like a hero, but to one animal, you’re the entire world.

Find a Best Friends Network partner near you

The Best Friends Network is made up of thousands of public and private shelters, rescue groups, spay/neuter organizations and other animal welfare groups, all working to save the lives of dogs and cats in communities like yours across the country.

Each and every one of our network partners needs caring people like you to adopt, foster, donate, volunteer and advocate to help save the lives of pets where you live.

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