Lifesaving Numbers

If together, we save 4,500 more kittens this year than last, we can end the killing of kittens in Los Angeles.

Best Friends kitten nursery in Salt Lake City has saved over 2,300 kittens and counting.

More than 1,500 Best Friends network partners are working to save lives all across the country.


Round-the-clock bottle-feeding and 24-hour care: It’s what kittens need to survive, but most shelters simply can’t provide it. Best Friends kitten nurseries can. Add robust foster programs, adoption events, spay/neuter, and the help of more than 1,500 network partners around the country and, together, we can Save Them All. It all begins with your gift.

It's a miracle
  • First 4 Weeks At first, they can’t see or hear or stay warm without help. But on day two, they begin to purr.

  • 6 Weeks Weaned kittens can do almost everything a grown-up can do – just more awkwardly.

  • 8 Weeks It’s time for adoption! At last, kittens are ready to fulfill their destinies as rulers of our homes.

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