Matt Claflin with a dogMatt Claflin, CFP®
Planned giving manager and Southwest region

Animals have been part of my family since the day I was born. Though each of my pets over the years have made my life better and inspired me in different ways, my dog Holly may have made the biggest impact on my life. Holly was part of our family for nine years, and she came to us with some significant behavioral challenges. It took time and patience, but we eventually did earn her trust. She was the most loving and loyal dog my family ever had.

When my wife and I visited Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for the first time, there was an instant, deep connection. We realized immediately that this was an organization that treated every animal with the same respect that we gave Holly. Over the years, we spent more and more time volunteering for Best Friends. In 2014, I was fortunate to be able to join the Best Friends planned giving team after a 17-year career in financial services.

I live in Kanab, Utah, with my wife, Megan; our four cats Sasha, Rose, Winnie Fred and Stinker; our four dogs Matilda, Sammie, Puppet and Eleanor; our two sheep Sonia and Sylvia; and our two rabbits Milton and Anna.