Spring and summer always mean a change in behavior for the birds and the bees. Alfred is no exception to that rule.

A change in season causes Alfred to get a wee bit too affectionate toward his lady friend, Anabel, requiring his caregivers to get creative with ways to keep him occupied. Anabel just isn’t all that jazzed about Alfred’s fatal-attraction-type love for her this time of year — which is why we are all on the edge of our seats (and perches) waiting for the new crow enclosure to be completed any day now!

In addition to all of the new nesting boxes and toys, the new enclosure comes equipped with a separate playroom (just for Alfred), which can be closed off or left open, depending on the birds’ needs. This active guy will have all kinds of cool ramps, shelves and interactive food toys to keep him busy. There are even going to be some fun little bird piñatas for him!

And if there was ever a crow who knew how to party, it’s Alfred. Thank you for sponsoring him and for helping him keep the good times rolling!

Alfred's Progress Journal

Sad news
July 7, 2016

We are very sorry to share with you that Alfred, our friend of nearly 10 years, has passed away.

Alfred had been having neurological issues for the past few months. Blood work and exams ruled out most treatable problems and gave us no concrete answers. We began working under the assumption he likely had a brain tumor.

Recently, Alfred had a seizure in his habitat and had to be taken to the clinic. That night he had yet another seizure.  Dr. Tara, one of the Sanctuary veterinarians, prescribed medication and we had a lovely week of calm and hanging out with Alfred while he got a bit stronger every day.  

Sadly, that week of respite came to an abrupt end, and the seizures returned stronger and more frequently. His medications were not working and the decision was made to cross him before things continued to get progressively worse.  

Alfred had a great life with us. As an educational animal he touched the lives of every person who toured Wild Friends. His antics and quirks touched every caregiver’s life, and lessons learned caring for Alfred are put to use every day as we rehabilitate and release wild birds back into their natural habitats. As we grieve, we are paying special attention to Annabel, Alfred’s companion, to help her cope with her friend’s loss.  

We are so very grateful that you sponsored Alfred. Your generosity made it possible for us to care for this very special crow, as well as other animals needing lifelong care.

Alfred's new medical struggle
Alfred's new medical struggle
June 24, 2016

Alfred, who is having some coordination troubles, has stopped flying around. He has been getting a lot of extra special attention from staffers who have been watching his progress closely. This is both a good and bad thing for a bird who is not super happy with lots of human attention. So far, bloodwork has ruled out West Nile virus and and toxicity from metals, both of which can cause coordination difficulties. At this point, his deterioration has slowed and the veterinarians are worried about a tumor. We will continue to watch him closely, provide him with all the medical care he is willing to tolerate, and continue to look for a cause. Thank you so much for your sponsorship of Alfred, which allows us to provide him and other animals like him with top notch medical care.

New enclosure
New enclosure
January 7, 2016

Alfred, our American crow, and his beautiful companion Annabel have moved into a new enclosure. The newly designed enclosure was built taking into account the corvids’ intellect, as well as Alfie's quirks and ticks. We wanted him engaged and entertained in a way that alleviated stress and prevented self-mutilation by utilizing baskets of toys, tree branches, swings and ramps. So far so good. Alfred has yet to fly at his caregivers with intent to unhinge them or display other signs stress. Our fingers are crossed that when spring comes, everything will remain calm and carefree. For now, Alfred is happy to watch the deer and ravens, who look in on him and Annabel, rustle around through the snow. Thank you for generously sponsoring Alfred.

Big year
January 14, 2015

If only Alfred Hitchcock could have met this Alfred before he made his movies. Because who wouldn’t love a story about a handsome crow who loves to play with his purple dinosaur toy? 

This is going to be a huge year for Alfred and his beloved friend, Anabel. Always the dynamic duo in the Wild Friends’ wildlife education program here at Best Friends, they are about to get a brand new home that will be three to four times bigger than their current pad. 

Through a fundraising project called the “Wild Friends Print Exchange, Exhibition and Fundraiser” that raised nearly $8,000, these beautiful black crows will be moving into a snazzy new steel enclosure sometime in the next six to 12 months. In addition to being much larger than their current home, their new digs will be decked out with two heated nest boxes, a menagerie of exciting new toys and plenty of enrichment gear. 

We are so excited for Alfred and Anabel to move into their new home and stretch their wings — especially since a new environment and enrichment means countless more opportunities to educate Sanctuary visitors about these wild friends. 

Thank you for sponsoring Alfred, for helping make Wild Friends a truly unique and enriching space for him, and for the wonderful opportunities for everyone to learn from him.

June 1, 2014

Alfred and Anabel are our little old married couple, who have been together forever. Alfred gets a little cranky when spring fever hits, and he snips at the hands that feed him and bring him jerky and toys! Anabel does her best to keep her sweetie in line, nit-picking at Alfred when he picks at us.

Because these birds could use more space, and American crows can live to be 80, the Wild Friends team is raising funds for a new and larger habitat. The Wild Friends Print Exchange has a stunning shot of Alfred's noble silhouette. Through June 26th, you can purchase a print to help us improve Alfred's home. Artwork by printmakers all over the country is also for sale. We hope you enjoy the art, and hang Alfred artfully on your wall!

Thank you so much for sponsoring this spunky crow!