If you listen close enough, you may just hear Barney bark. He acts so much like a dog! He enjoys walking on a leash (for hours if you let him). He greets every stranger he meets at the door. And playtime? You can count him right in. But Barney is actually a cat — and a really special one at that.

Barney is perfectly happy and healthy, but to make sure he stays that way, he gets a little extra care and attention. Barney has feline leukemia (FeLV), a virus which can cause him to get sick easier, so he takes daily medication to boost his immune system. (But don’t tell him! He thinks his pill is just a tasty treat.)

Barney really wants to live in a home someday (preferably with his brother Bo, whom he adores) where he can put his lap-warming and people-loving talents to use. Thank you so much for sponsoring Barney!

Barney's Progress Journal

Barney has passed away.
Sudden sad loss.
November 16, 2016

I’m so very sad to let you know that Barney has passed away. It all happened very suddenly and progressed rapidly. In the fall, caregivers noticed that Barney wasn’t his usual self. Always eager to be in the midst of all the activities he could wheedle and charm his way into, Barney was hanging back, being quiet and losing weight.

On closer inspection, caregivers noticed something was not right about how his eyes were reacting (or not reacting) to light. Barney was taken to the clinic for a thorough exam. After many tests, a diagnosis of primary brain lesion was determined. If it was progressive that wasn’t good news.

So Barney went home to Calmar where the people who knew and loved him best could care for him. While everyone hoped the lesion was not progressive, it was. Barney spent his last days with his brother Bo, and his human family from around the Sanctuary visited with him before he was gently released from this world.

There will be no replacing Barney in our hearts, because he was absolutely one of a kind. Bo is doing well without his brother’s companionship. His other feline friends are keeping him company, and caregivers are giving him extra love in this sad time.

But the work doesn’t stop simply because our hearts are heavy. Thanks to your generous donations, we are able to continue to help cats like Barney. We can provide them with care and love for all their days.

Barney the cat taking a walk on a leash
Summer walk
May 19, 2016

Summertime - and Barney’s life is easy and fun. Summer is when Barney takes volunteers for walks around the Sanctuary. This big orange cat has some very dog-like traits. Walking on the trails is probably the most obvious similarity. This guy struts around wearing his very own harness and pretty purple leash. Lizards need to run for cover, because another of Barney’s hobbies is stalking them, and bugs … basically this guy just loves to creep around and chase anything that moves, and smell all the wonderful smells that can be found while out and about. But once he lands in the bed of catnip growing in front of his home at Casa de CalMar, his feline nature starts to show. This big guy rolls and rolls, bringing the walk to a full stop. Barney is Cat Worlds #1 sleepover king, but despite that he and his brother Bo have not found that special home where they can live out their lives together. Thanks to your thoughtful and generous sponsorship, Barney and Bo and cats like them, don’t have to worry that there is a clock ticking measuring their wait.

Thank you so much for sponsoring Barney!