Bodin is one bodacious dude. He’s got stunning soft, golden fur, a sweet personality and is super laid-back. And one thing’s for sure. This guy only wants a few things in life — a comfy couch to cuddle on and someone special to love.

Beautiful Bodin is hoping he’ll find a forever home really soon. But until then, he’ll keep working closely with Best Friends trainers to come out of his shell. He’s a bit shy and sometimes tends to guard his food. But, boy, he sure has come a long way! He has learned to trust all kinds of people and (most important of all) to love.

Bodin really is one of the most loyal dogs you’ll ever meet. And one day, he’ll make the right person so happy. Until then, what this special guy needs is a little extra support from someone like you.

Bodin's Progress Journal

It's hot!
It's hot!
June 24, 2016

Bodin is just awesome. The summer isn’t his favorite time of year, but you would really never know that, except for the small hot spot that he is sporting on his hip. His caregivers are all over it, and he is getting the care he needs to heal that pesky hot spot and stay as comfortable as possible during the hot summer.

That means that if you want to visit him, you need to get up early! Morning walks, before the heat really sets in, gets Bodin out and about to smell the smells and see the sights. When he’s in the shade with his caregivers he gets plenty of TLC and naps — lots of naps. Bodin is working on some polite skills, like not being so eager for a cookie that he snaps his jaw like an alligator. He doesn’t mean anything by it. It’s just that he wants you to hurry up and give him that delicious cookie!

Thanks to your sponsorship, there will never be a shortage of cookies, or a clock ticking in the background counting down the time Bodin has left. Bodin and dogs like him have access to the finest veterinary care. Trainers and caregivers will work with eager treat-takers like Bodin, using only positive reinforcement to transition him from “gator” to polite gentleman.

Winter sunshine
Winter sunshine
January 7, 2016

BoBo is doing great! He is constantly getting compliments on how gorgeous he is. He is always in good spirits and overjoyed to see his people, even if their time away was only five minutes.  He gets the zoomies multiple times a day, and he and his run mate Rusty keep each other company very well.

Bodin is enjoying the weather now that it's cooling down a bit. His full coat helps him to endure the colder temperatures, which is great because he loves laying out in the sun.  Bodin really is a joy to be around. Walking him is a pleasure because he is so well-mannered. He is so affectionate and makes sure you know he loves you with everything he’s got. He is such a great companion and makes everyone's days brighter. We are certain this boy will find himself an awesome home one day, but until then we will soak up all the love he has to give and give him just as much in return. Thank you for helping to support our little ray of sunshine.

Endless possibilities
July 29, 2015

Despite his senior dog status (he celebrated his ninth birthday this year), Bodin still has a puppy dog face full of wonder and possibility. And right now the possibilities are endless for this shy, sweet guy.

With the help of his caregivers, Bodin inches out of his shell a little bit each day and is quickly learning that new people are pretty cool. And once he warms up to you, the Bodin love fest begins. We know that it’s only a matter of time before this beautiful boy finds that perfect someone to call his own.

In the meantime, he’s occupying himself with play dates and leisurely walks around the Sanctuary. He’s also become quite the social support system for his two buddies, Ashley and Whistler. Ashley struggles with some pretty major storm phobia and Whistler has a neurological condition, so living with a well-balanced, dog-social guy like Bodin has been fabulous for both of them.

For anyone who meets Bodin, his cream-colored face and long, golden locks are only rivaled by his sweet, sincere smile. And each day, each smile, brings him a little closer to finding that perfect home. Thank you for sponsoring Bodin and for giving him the second chance he deserves.