If Chauncey was a person, he would be wearing a top hat and a three piece suit. Everything about this sweet guy just screams dapper. He’s smart, has great manners and when it’s dinner time, he’s so happy that he’ll carry on a polite conversation (in soft meows and purrs, of course).

When Chauncey was first rescued, he wasn’t as well-put-together as he is today. In fact, he was in pretty rough shape. The poor guy had diabetes, which desperately needed to be treated. Although he still has diabetes, Chauncey receives all the insulin and fluids he needs to stay happy and healthy. And the best part? He never lets it cramp his style.

Chauncey is quite the charmer and will one day bring a lot of elegance and flair to the right home. Until then, this cuddle bug is truly grateful to have the support of a kind person like you.

Chauncey's Progress Journal

Exercise time!
Excercise time!
June 24, 2016

Chauncey has diabetes and exercise is very important to his health. But Chauncey is a reluctant athlete. Taking him on a nice early summer walk at the Sanctuary goes like this: Carry Chauncey halfway down the walking trail. Put him down. Follow him back to the front door of his cattery. Repeat three times. And yes, Chauncey can count. During these walks Chauncey does take moment to enjoy the sun, roll in the sand, watch for birds but mostly I think he enjoys the carrying portion of activity. This handsome guy is doing well, and thanks to your sponsorship, he and other cats with chronic medical conditions get the care they need until they are adopted into loving families of their own.

Thank you so much for sponsoring Chauncey!

Chauncey, Sponsor Program cat
Puddles of sun
January 6, 2016

Chauncey loves winter. Puddles of warm sunshine are all the more precious because the winter mornings can be cold. He finds that puddle of sun and savors it. Of course he is never really cold because he can always wander back inside whenever he wants by making use of one of multiple cat doors that connect the cattery and the building. Chauncey loves to tell his caregivers and visitors all about his day. When a volunteer takes him for a ride in an enclosed stroller he will meow out a commentary about their driving. We aren’t really sure if he is trying to tell them to slow down or hurry up, but inevitably it makes the driver pay attention and smile.

Chauncey’s diabetes is well-managed and his health has been very good. Thanks to your generous sponsorship, Chauncey will have many opportunities to tell his story to lots of visitors, until that perfect person meets him and takes this slate gray gentleman home.