Cowboy is primarily a left-brain extrovert. This big beautiful gelding is such an entertainer that some people don't even notice his conformation until they're standing right next to him. Cowboy was born with lordosis, otherwise known as a swayed back, so he can't be ridden. His back causes him no pain, though, and he races around his pasture with the best of them.

No one loves a joke more than Cowboy, as unwitting volunteers will tell you. He sizes up a person quickly, and if he thinks he can get away with it, he'll relieve his visitor of a camera, hat or any other object worth nabbing. But, make no mistake, he's respectful of personal space when asked properly. At Parelli's Liberty Savvy horsemanship games, Cowboy is a pro. He canters closely executed circles around his trainer, self-loads into a trailer, and looks absolutely gorgeous pulling his stylish cart. Cowboy gets along well with pasture mates and is friendly and inquisitive around people.

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Cowboy's Progress Journal

Shiny boy
Shiny boy
June 24, 2016

Summer has come and Cowboy has shed out his winter coat and now his summer coat is gleaming and shining like a new copper penny. He absolutely sparkles in the sun. His spinal condition (lordosis) has degenerated some over the past year and he does struggle with spinal arthritis, which can often cause some back pain. He's receiving laser therapy treatments weekly, as well as massage and other things to provide as much pain relief as possible. Cowboy is a good sport about all these things, and he really does seem to love the extra attention. We thank you so much for your support which allows Cowboy and others like him to get the specialized care they need!

Winter sun
Winter sun
January 7, 2016

Cowboy is enjoying life in the slow lane these days. He's been living with Roy for some time at the Disney pasture, and this summer Falcor joined them. Cowboy enjoys the winter sun and his daily volunteer visitors, but his lordosis, which causes him to have a severe swayed back) has presented him with some problems over the past year. He's developed some arthritis in his spine, which can be rather painful at times. But thanks to regular chiropractic adjustments and treatment with a cold laser, he's doing as well as we could hope. He's still the same Cowboy, though — as playful and as naughty as ever! We thank you so much for supporting this special horse, while he waits for his forever family. 

Physical therapy
August 1, 2015

Cowboy has been getting a little TLC lately from caregivers and volunteers. His back arthritis has been flaring up quite a bit and interfering with his afternoon horsing around. Luckily he’s enjoying a little bit of physical therapy and some rub downs to keep him as comfortable and content as possible. 

Despite the occasional physical struggles he faces, Cowboy is still in high spirits and keeps everyone who visits laughing and smiling at his goofy ways. He’s especially fond of his pasture mate, Roy, who has been providing him with some much needed companionship. The two of them can often be seen frolicking around in the sun together. 

Thank you for sponsoring Cowboy and for making such a carefree retirement possible for this majestic guy.

December 14, 2014

At 17 years old, our resident comedian, Cowboy is showing his age but still going strong. His lordosis (the inward curvature of his spine) and his ringbone have definitely worsened a bit, but that’s to be expected as the years pass. 

Sleek and handsome as always, he continues to charm visitors and volunteers, as well as keep things lively with his usual clever antics. We sometimes think Cowboy believes his pasture is actually a grand red rock theater, custom-built for him and his daily performances. And so far his pasture mates haven’t burst his bubble. 

Thank you so much for your sponsorship of Cowboy. Because of you, he is able to live out the rest of his life comfortable and content, and with constant companionship.