Curly remains a steady fixture at the Dogtown management office at Best Friends. He and his pal Mya, another dog rescued from the property of NFL quarterback Michael Vick, are exposed to sights and sounds of all kinds in this lively environment. Because Curly used to be the number one paper shredder, caregivers always make sure that emergency cardboard boxes are on hand for any time that he feels the urge to "work."

While his overall health is good, Curly has developed severe allergies for which he receives daily shots. And he continues to struggle with fear when he's outside of his two domains, the office and his home at the Clubhouse. But he does go for daily confidence-building walks, loves riding in the car, enjoys performing basic commands and adores being a lap dog with those he knows and trusts.

Most of all, Curly appreciates the time and space to simply be himself. Your sponsorship will help him to continue healing and growing.

Curly's Progress Journal

Curly and Myla the Vicktory dogs
Easy does it
June 24, 2016

Curly and Mya, who are always together, are two special dogs who are continuing to do well. Last summer they received a pool as a special gift, and now it’s back out in their run and caregivers have spotted them wading around and clearly enjoying it. Of course, there are no photos to prove it. Curly and Mya have made a sport out of spotting the photographer before any evidence can be captured.

A comfortable routine for Curly and Mya each summer is spending parts of their week in various air-conditioned offices. Their activities include enjoying cookies, soft beds, lots of attention from trusted human friends, and short walks (short only because they want to get back into the air conditioning).

Healthwise, they are doing well. Curly occasionally has a pesky allergic reaction to something that grows in the summer, which causes his eye to swell and itch for a bit. Of course, his caregivers jump right on it and get him some relief, but it’s pretty mild and he endures the discomfort very well, especially since it usually results in extra cookies and face rubs.  

Thanks to your sponsorship, Curly, Mya and dogs like them have all the cookies and thoughtful care they need to keep them healthy and happy with us. 

Curly the Vicktory dog posing for a photo
Dreaming and snoozing
January 7, 2016

Winter is great for snoozing! Curly’s dance card is quite full, so napping in snuggly warm blankets is a perfect way to spend part of the day. Curly is doing very well. Recently there were some staff changes, and one of Curly’s oldest human friends moved to a new office. Well that gave Curly (and his best doggy buddy Mya) a whole new frontier to explore. So now this pair spends time at three different locations!  

Curly’s allergies continue to be pesky, but overall his health is good. Time has put a few more white hairs on his muzzle, but we all think it just adds to his good looks. Curly takes things slow, but thanks to your sponsorship, he can take all the time he needs to feel safe and loved.


Vicktory dog Curly outside with a blue sky in the background
August 1, 2015

We’re starting to think Curly is eavesdropping on us. In the middle of the work day, we’ll suddenly glance over and find him staring curiously at us. Almost as if to say, “No-no, don’t order those squeaky toys. They’re not as fun. Get the ones with the crinkly paper inside. We love those!”

Curly continues to oversee the management office at Dogtown, with the help of his buddy, Mya, and he’s going for a new world record in doling out morning hugs and kisses to his caregivers. We’re still not sure how so much sweetness was packed into just one dog.

Unfortunately, Curly has recently added a new word to his vocabulary — allergies. This handsome boy has developed some pretty significant environmental allergies and has been put on a regular immunotherapy regimen. And while most dogs don’t exactly love getting shots and having their ears cleaned, Curly is taking it all in stride. Mostly, he’s just thankful he’s not allergic to hugs and kisses (and treats of course).

Curly is also slowly building his confidence a little more each day as he ventures into new territory. Twice now, his caregivers have successfully encouraged him to explore the staff trail across the street from his digs. And although he’s still a little nervous, he’s become more and more willing to test out new waters.

Thank you for sponsoring this handsome, tuxedoed boy. He is a truly sweet soul and because of you he’s getting the TLC he so desperately needs and deserves.

Vicktory dog Curly in a chef's hat
January 14, 2015

Curly is quite the clown and keeps everyone at the Sanctuary smiling. He begins each day by popping up onto the top of the dog house in his yard to officially greet his caregivers when they arrive in the morning. And his summer days are usually spent splashing around in the pool with his roommate and partner in crime, Mya. Every day is a pool party for Curly.  

Both Curly and Mya have been basking in the glory of their “purple collar” status, which means that adult volunteers are welcome to interact with them — and there seems to be no shortage of visitors.  

During a recent weekend event at the Sanctuary, one of Best Friends’ co-founders, Cyrus Mejia, introduced a group of visitors from Los Angeles to Curly. And although Curly usually prefers to meet people individually, rather than in groups, he managed to be quite the social butterfly. He even turned on the charm a bit and took some treats from some of his guests.

Slowly but surely, Curly is developing his confidence and enjoying opportunities to venture out beyond the Sanctuary. He even went with one of his caregivers on a recent little adventure that included a sleepover at a comfy mountain lodge. And yes, his favorite part of that trip was cuddling in bed with his caregiver at night.

Vicktroy dog Curly wearing a red collar
Best Hugger of Dogtown
April 24, 2014

Curly is doing really well! He lives at the Club House with Mya (another Vicktory dog) and has been with her for a few years now. He is about seven or eight years old now, and is in very good health. Curly really enjoys interacting with his caregivers and the interns who are scheduled at the Club House. He’s very affectionate with the people he knows and trusts, and he’s even earned the unofficial title of Best Hugger in Dogtown. He is often found clowning around, either dragging blankets around, sitting up on his dog house, or lounging in his pool during the warmer summer months.

Curly had a very important breakthrough last year. Earlier in 2013, he was promoted to a purple collar. All dogs in Dogtown are given a collar of one of three colors. Red means Dogtown staff only; purple means safe for all, 18 years and older; and green means they can be handled by anyone. Being promoted from a red to purple collar was a great accomplishment for Curly, and it also means he’ll have the opportunity to interact with more people, if he’s comfortable with it. While both he and Mya (who also earned her purple collar last year) are still nervous and unsure of meeting people for the first time, they will go for walks with volunteers as long as a caregiver goes with them. Curly certainly has come a long way since being rescued from the property of Michael Vick.

Thank you for being his sponsor, and for helping us give Curly a second chance. You’re helping him blossom into the dog he was always meant to be.