Echo is a majestic red-tailed hawk who came to Best Friends from Salt Lake City. She was found there with a wing full of gangrene. Although part of her wing was removed to save her, so she can’t be returned to the wild, Echo has a very full life here! She educates visitors at the Wild Friends, Best Friends’ state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitation center. 

Echo is a goddess of a bird, with her topaz eyes and incredible wingspan. She's a wonderful part of the Best Friends clan. Echo can be sponsored!

Echo's Progress Journal

Echo has a suitor
Summer fling
June 24, 2016

Echo has a suitor.

This past spring Echo had been courted by one of our local wild red-tailed hawks. You might ask how we know this. This wild bird has been agitating all of Echo's next-door neighbors!  Throughout the spring and early summer, while we were dismantling all the things that keep our animals warm and in their homes during the cold winter months, we kept hearing all the chickens and ravens making tons of noise. When we investigated, we would always discover a wild red-tailed hawk flying around Echo's flight. She was enamored enough that they soon began chatting. Red-tailed hawks make some enchanting calls.

Your generous sponsorship of Echo is so appreciated!

Bronze beauty
Bronze beauty
January 7, 2016

This winter as you passed by Echo's enclosure, you might have seen her standing on one leg. While this is considered a normal behavior for a resting or roosting red-tailed hawk, it seemed like she was doing this more frequently. Echo seemed comfortable enough, but her caregiver was concerned something might be wrong.

What Bobbi, her caregiver, found out is that while sitting pretty in the winter wonderland that surrounds her enclosure, Echo was doing this as a heat-saving measure — keeping one leg warm tucked up against her stomach and switching off for the other. Thanks to generous sponsors, Echo and all the other winter residents at Wild Friends have access to warm, protected sections of their enclosures, so they can get out of extreme weather. Her version of extreme, though, is slightly different than ours.

She isn't only beauty and bronze, but brains, too! Thank you so much for supporting Echo from afar!

July 29, 2015

During the summer, scores of visitors flock to the Sanctuary to volunteer their time and hobnob with the animals. And while there are usually around 1,600 animals here to visit with on any given day, Echo is quite sure she’s the only one who matters.

When people line up in front of Echo’s enclosure, it’s showtime. She poses, hops, soars, flaps her wings and sings for all to hear. Well, the “singing” is really more of a scream than anything else, but, nevertheless, we tell her it’s lovely.

When she’s not busy dazzling the crowd, Echo keeps herself busy with her usual stick-foraging and nest-building activities. Thank you as always for the love and support you provide to this incredible bird.

January 14, 2015

Echo continues to thrive here at Wild Friends and she is keeping her caregivers quite busy. After all, spending time around a stunning red-tailed hawk is like being graced with the presence of royalty. And Queen Echo most definitely deserves the royal treatment.  

Recently, all of the perching areas in Echo’s enclosure were re-padded and reinforced. And we all know just how much she loves to perch.

She’s also been busy building nests — a lot of them. So her caregivers have been replenishing her supply of building materials with all kinds of sticks, bark and other new items. Quite the architect, she’s been having a ball with it.

Echo also continues to be quite the socialite with other birds in the area. She’s started perching in the corner of her enclosure, as well as socializing with the wild ravens, who provide her with constant entertainment.

Thank you for sponsoring this lovely feathered lady. She is constantly finding new ways to entertain and enjoy herself, all the while educating countless visitors.

July 24, 2014

Echo's beauty won her an admirer this past summer! When caregivers noticed Echo jumping around and vocalizing high up in her covered area, they sought the source of her unusual display. A gorgeous wild Red-tailed Hawk sat watching her from a nearby tree top. Day after day, this new Wild Friends visitor kept Echo engaged. Their "romance" lasted for most of the summer. Actually, raptors are solitary birds, so we couldn't tell if Echo was pleased with her suitor or irritated by him! In either case, a grand bird of her own species provided Echo months of enrichment.

The wild hawk still visits Echo from time to time. Whether we see him or not, we know he's come. Echo dances and vocalizes to show he has dropped her his calling card. We love hearing the call of the wild at Wild Friends!