Inside Eliana's tiny, mighty body beats the heart of a warrior. Even with paralyzed hindquarters, Eliana is still an acrobat extraordinaire. She often climbs the highest cat tree in Quincy House with her strong front legs and one small, twisted back leg. What an athlete! She is also an intrepid explorer in the outdoor enclosure, surrounded by juniper and sagebrush.  

Eliana's gait is a half-push, half-pull crawling glide. It gets her everywhere she wants to go. She adores snuggling, unless it is in the arms of the caregivers who help Eliana eliminate waste and administer her daily back end baths. Although the darling tortie doesn't love this treatment, she is a good-natured diva who tolerates all the fuss. 

Eliana doesn't seem to feel one bit different from other cats. This gorgeous, kitten-sized girl would love your support while she waits for her forever family.  Maybe she is stalking the sagebrush in search of them!

Eliana's Progress Journal

We're open!
We're open!
June 24, 2016

Eliana was very happy when volunteers were allowed back into Quincy House just recently.

Her home had been closed to volunteers due to an outbreak of ringworm. Yuck! She had missed watching all the people come and go. Eliana is usually pretty quiet and can sometimes be hard to find because her calico coat blends in with the dark towels and blankets she often snuggles in. But now that Quincy House had reopened, Eliana is out in the middle of all the activity, making sure she doesn’t miss her turn for a stroller ride around the grounds. Her health continues to be good, and this bright-eyed kitty has a renewed interest in the activity going on around her. Her curious little face follows visitors around, watching their every move.

Thank you so much for sponsoring Eliana! Through your generous support, cats like Eliana can enjoy comfortable lives that include the best of veterinary care, enrichment and delicious nutritious food.

Tiny tortie Eliana
Tiny tortie
January 7, 2016

With summer behind her, Eliana’s lizard-chasing antics are on hold. This petite beauty has a new hobby: hiding. Her tortoiseshell coat makes her all the more stealthy and enables her to melt into shadows or blend into the back of a blanket-stuffed shelf. Her caregivers are left both amused and chagrined at this little darling — amused at how on earth she ends up on the highest shelf, and chagrined because they need to give her medicine and she doesn’t make it very easy.

She has been treated for urinary tract infections a little more often than anyone likes, but otherwise her health has been good. Thank you so much for sponsoring Eliana and helping us provide her with veterinary care and plenty of blankets for her to practice her stealthy skills.


The great outdoors
August 1, 2015

Like her good buddy, Snowflake, Eliana refuses to let her little paralyzed hindquarters keep her down. And just to prove it she continues to climb everything in sight!  

Napping, playing and wandering in the lobby are her go-to indoor activities, but Eliana lives for walks and outside time, mainly for one reason — lizards! This fuzzy lady has an eye for lizards like no other cat. And all she wants to do is dart after those little elusive tails.  

Eliana is also a notoriously cranky bather, so a little on-leash lizard-chasing is usually her reward for tolerating a few difficult moments in the name of cleanliness!   

Thank you for sponsoring beautiful Eliana and all of her lizard-loving habits!