If you visit Dogtown, you might just see Frankie flying along on a breezy golf cart ride, flashing that great Frankie grin! It's one of his favorite things.  

This adorable terrier has won hearts here, but he’s also clearly been traumatized in the past. Frankie has a mysterious scar on his back, along with severely bowed front legs. Because of the very strict rules he has about how he likes to be handled, as well as some history of biting, it’s likely that Best Friends will be his home for life.   

This 10-year-old needs to be loved with special care. And the staff at Dogtown are happy to oblige.  

Frankie knows commands, adores car rides and really likes snuggling with stuffed toys. He is a cutie who has been through a lot and deserves special help. Your sponsorship will help Frankie live in peace at Dogtown, where folks understand him and love him to bits! (And the golf cart rides are outstanding.)

Please consider sponsoring Frankie!

Frankie's Progress Journal

Home at last
Home at last
January 7, 2016

We are thrilled to announce that Frankie was adopted! He went home with caregiver Terry and is settling in perfectly.

Terry reports

‘It was Frankie's time! Situations at my house were right and I was able to provide Frankie with his own room complete with rocking chair and daybed. I've known Frankie for about 4 years and over that time, we have established a rapport and an understanding of one another.So settling in was a pretty easy transition. We look forward to many more years together.’

We are so happy that Frankie finally found his forever home. Our sincerest gratitude to you, who supported Frankie with your generous sponsorship. Thank you for your kindness. 

Mythical creature
August 1, 2015

Frankie isn’t so much a dog as he is a little mythical creature who zips around in his trusty golf cart, casting a spell on all who encounter him. And that spell is usually something like, “I’m cute. I’m old. And you’re going to do whatever I say. Shazam!” 

The fact of the matter is, Frankie had a tough run before finally arriving at Best Friends. And now at 10 years old, he’s ready for some Sanctuary and as many stuffed toys as he can find.   

When he’s out on walks with caregivers, Frankie calls all the shots — speed, direction, how many plants to sniff. It’s all up to him. And thanks to his soulful brown eyes and his adorable curly ear tips, nobody really argues with him. 

Last year, Frankie was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and subsequently placed on medication to help alleviate any cardiac stress. He’s been doing quite well and likes to prove it by showing off for visitors with his “sit pretty” trick. 

Thank you for sponsoring fuzzy little Frankie and for making his golden years brighter than he ever thought possible.