This purebred bloodhound has personality to spare!  

Hugo's happy swagger weaves its way through the Dogtown Headquarters nearly every day to visit all his friends. He loves it so much there, we have to coax Hugo back to his octagon with lots of good cookies. When it's warm, we give Hugo his own extra large kiddie pool. He cools his toes in it all summer long with a big smile on his face. And that is one big smile.   

Typical of his breed, Hugo is huge (over 100 pounds), and he can be stubborn when being told what to do. He prefers being "asked." But Hugo's a nice leash-walker and so affectionate! Unless you are a big stuffed animal or a Kong Bounzer—in which case, watch out.  

If you don't have room to adopt this hunky hound, please consider sponsoring Hugo instead!

Hugo's Progress Journal

Hugo will live on in our memory
Forever in our heart
January 18, 2016

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we share the news that Hugo, our much-beloved bloodhound has passed away.

In recent days, it became apparent to his caregivers and the veterinary staff that while his spirit was willing, his body was not. The medications he had been on to control his pain were not working as well as they had. Hugo was struggling to get up, sometimes needing assistance to stand. But the clearest message he sent was when he began to refuse food. Hugo loved to eat. It didn't really matter what or when ― Hugo was always looking for his next snack. It became clear to all that the humane thing to do was to let him go.

In his last days, Hugo was treated to car rides into town for hamburgers and fries, dozens of stuffed animals to joyfully shred and many hours in the loving company of caregivers current and past.

Dogtown mourns the passing of this incredible dog. The word “icon” has been used to describe to Hugo. He brought a smile to every mouth and muddy pawprints to nearly every staff person’s winter coat. And while we all are tinged with grief, there is also so much gratitude. It is impossible to express how thankful we are for your generous sponsorship of Hugo. Because of you, this 100-pound hound dog lived with love right up to his very last breath.

Ray of sunshine
Ray of sunshine
January 7, 2016

Hugo’s health has been pretty good. Hugo’s greying muzzle is really starting to show, and he is enjoying a more leisurely approach to life. Winter is a nice break from the heat, and he really enjoys long naps on a mountain of blankets. His hips still bother him, and he is a little slow to get going, but the medication he is on helps, and staff don’t mind slowing down their normally fast pace to spend time with this forever sunny boy.

Hugo makes quite an impression. Despite being a “staff pick of the week,” Hugo hasn’t found his forever home yet. Thankfully, your sponsorship ensures that Hugo and other dogs just like him have lots of warm blankets, yummy food and treats to tide him over while they wait for that perfect someone to find them.

Staff pick of the week
August 1, 2015

Hugo loves to howl. And some of the regular volunteers who frequent the Sanctuary have come to love his familiar hound dog wail. 

Overall, Hugo has been feeling great and keeping fit and trim with long, leisurely walks when the sand’s not too hot. When things heat up in the afternoon, he hits the pool in his play yard, dipping his big paws in and out of the cool water and bobbing for tasty treats. He recently asked us for a swim cap to wear so that he could keep his beautiful floppy ears from getting wet. But we’ve yet to find one big enough to contain them. He’s got a whole lotta ear!  

Hugo had a little moment in the sun recently when he was voted the “staff pick of the week” at the Sanctuary and had his photo featured on Facebook. Word spread throughout Dogtown and many of his younger canine buddies remarked on how handsome he looked for his age and called him the Sean Connery of adoptable dogs.   

He’s not sure what to do with all the newfound fame and attention, but if it lands him a new family and home to call his own, he says “bring it on!”  

Thank you for sponsoring Hugo and for helping to keep him happy, healthy and oh, so popular!

Mellowing out
January 14, 2015

Hugo is 11 years old now. And although he’s certainly mellowing out in his golden years, this handsome man is as physically spry as ever. His caregivers have been successfully managing his hip pain with medication and often find him galloping around his yard, tossing and flipping his giant Kong toy into the air. 

Walks to Dogtown Headquarters continue to be a central part of Hugo’s day. His fan club at the Sanctuary has been growing exponentially and there is usually a line of staff members eagerly awaiting the opportunity to get some Hugo slobber on their pants. 

In addition to taking pain medication, Hugo has slimmed down to a healthier weight that helps take additional pressure off of his hips. 

Thank you so much for sponsoring Hugo and for helping provide him with the fabulous love and care this big-eared, droopy-faced goof deserves.

Holding steady
April 23, 2014

Hugo is doing very well! For a large, older gentleman, his health has been holding steady. He’s developed some arthritis in his hip, and after looking at his X-rays, his caregivers and vets decided that his weight needed to come down a bit (he was almost 110 pounds at the time). He’s now a healthier 100 pounds, and is feeling much better with less pressure on his joints. He’s been a champ at taking his daily medications, and with the decreased stiffness that he’s experiencing, he’s now as active as ever. Sometimes you might even catch him running around his yard, which is just great for an older dog like Hugo.

He loves to run up and down his fence, throwing his huge Kong toy and ripping large stuffed animals to pieces. He will snuggle with his Hugo-sized stuffed animals for a day or so before he makes them “snow” all over his run. He has so much fun following his caregivers around as they collect all the fluff from around his enormous yard. He also loves to sunbathe and play in his pool during the warmer summer months, playfully splashing his caregivers with water as he runs up to the pool and jumps in.

Thank you so much for being a sponsor to this special senior dog. Your support helps us care for Hugo, and others like him, while he awaits his perfect forever home.