Joseph is a lovely tan Nubian wether. He's both bashful and friendly. He adores his older goat friends Jordan and Emily, and he also loves spending time with our young, active new goats. When volunteers come to see the new agility training course, Joseph steps right up to meet them and be admired, and brushed, by new people.

Joseph really is a smart goat. He took to the clicker training on the agility course quickly. He's a great jumper and climber! Joseph really enjoys the life at Best Friends, and looks forward to finding a forever pasture to call his own. 

Your sponsorship will help enrich Joseph's life until the right rural family comes along.

Joseph's Progress Journal

Rest in peace old friend
November 10, 2016

We are so very sorry to let you know that Joseph has passed away. The years finally caught up with him, and our very sweet old friend stopped eating. No matter how his loving caregivers tried to get him to rally and no matter what yummy treat they enticed him with, he let them know that he was done. And so surrounded by the people who had cared for him and loved him for years, our sweet old toothless friend departed this world.

Thank you so very much for sponsoring Joseph. Your generous donations allowed us to care for this unique and wonderful guy throughout his golden years, and helped all the goats living at Horse Haven.

Senior wisdom
Senior wisdom
June 24, 2016

Joseph (Jo to his friends) continues to age gracefully. For a goat of his age he's doing great. Summer sun can be brutal, but Joseph is wise and knows all the shady spots to get out of the sun and rest comfortably. Sure, he has arthritis and requires a very special soaked food diet to keep his weight up, but all in all he's pretty spry for a senior citizen. He can often be found hanging out with two younger Nubian goats named Monty and Phil. No doubt he's sharing his 16 years worth of wisdom with them. Thank you so much for supporting this spunky senior goat!

Resilient spirit
Resilient spirit
January 7, 2016

Joseph’s winter is going well. Despite losing his two favorite friends Jordan and Emily over the summer, he has bounced back and made new friends. Bitsy and Gracie are two lovely gal goats who keep Joseph young and spry. That resilient spirit, along with excellent nutrition and an occasional sunflower seed treat, goes a long way in keeping Joseph happy and healthy. Your generous sponsorship allows Joseph and his friends to make the most of the winter sunshine in comfort. Thank you so much for your support!

August 31, 2015

Joseph is just as adorable as ever. His tongue constantly hangs out now (he doesn’t have any front teeth to keep it in his mouth!), and it just adds to his charm. He eats just fine this way, and it doesn’t appear to cause him discomfort. And he still loves to give his caregiver a good lick when they feed him a treat.

Joseph is best friends with Jordan, and they live with the rest of the goat herd. Because he is one of our oldest goats at 13 years old, he gets a supplemental bowl twice a day with hay pellets, rice bran, sunflower seeds, and ground flax. His big, hanging tongue makes an excellent spatula for cleaning out all the corners of his bowl. He spends his days eating hay and napping in the sun with his buddy, Jordan, and occasionally giving the youngsters a good head butting when they get out of line.

We thank you so much for being a sponsor to this sweet, silly goat!

August 1, 2015

Joseph is on a new mission to steal visitors and volunteers away from Dogtown and Cat World. He flirts endlessly at his fence line with anybody and everybody who happens to come by and then nudges them with his head in the direction of the Horse Haven office, so that they can get their gear and sign up to volunteer with him. 

When he’s not convincing visitors to fall in love with him, Joseph is usually playing around with Jordan and Emily and rubbing his horns and his butt against a post for a good scratch. He’s definitely starting to show his age a bit. His body has all kinds of little creaking and popping sounds it makes as he walks to and fro, but it certainly doesn’t seem to get in the way of his playtime. 

Joseph is far from being the oldest animal at the Sanctuary, but he still appreciates how fortunate he is to have such wonderful care and companionship at his age. 

Thank you for sponsoring such a lovable character as Joseph and for keeping him happy and active in his golden years.

Silly boy
January 14, 2015

Joseph and his silly tongue are doing just fabulous these days. He’s been relaxing and mingling with the senior goats, particularly his partners in crime, Emily and Jordan. These three characters have their very own paddock with their own house with plenty of protection to keep them warm during the colder months. 

Joseph has also discovered a new playmate in the adjoining paddock. Another goat named Bill E. and Joseph have been attempting to play through their area gates. In fact their play has been so animated that caregivers had to reinforce one gate panel and replace another because of all the roughhousing going on. Recently, they even enjoyed a little play date the other day until Joseph finally wore Bill out and they had to take a break. 

Volunteers continue to be a main attraction for Joseph as well. He soaks up every ounce of attention he can get, and enjoys all the petting, grooming and socializing that new visitors bring to him and his roommates. 

Our sincerest thanks for sponsoring Joseph. Your support provides him, and many other animals like him, with all of the love and care such a special guy deserves.