Lyle, a cute milk chocolate bunny, delights in his new life at Best Friends. Lyle came from a hoarding situation in Nevada, and he is so glad to leave the days of neglect behind him. This lively youngster darts around with ease, zipping through tunnels and boxes like he has won the lottery!  

"Lively" describes Lyle to a T. He loves his outdoor play run so much, it takes a game of catch to get him inside for the night. And dear Lyle thanks the staff for cleaning up his area by heading off to explore the kitchen, the linen shelves and all of the other rabbits' living areas. This dwarf bunny dislikes one thing and one thing only — being picked up. Give Lyle four paws to hop on and he will play until the lights go off.

Young and strong and happy, Lyle would love to find a forever home. While he waits, can you sponsor him? You won't even have to catch him first!

Lyle's Progress Journal

Lyle is happy and adopted
December 7, 2016

The happiest news to report brought to us by Jason the rabbit manager!

He writes:

Lyle has officially found his forever home in Idaho!

I received the following email from his adopter, Jennifer.

"I have considered adopting a rabbit from my local shelter where I volunteer weekly (Idaho Humane Society), but they seem to have a lot of younger rabbits that get adopted very quickly. I am looking to adopt an animal that may have been overlooked or waiting longer for a home because of age or injuries etc."

This instantly made me think of Lyle. While Lyle isn't an older rabbit, he had some special needs which made him hard to place in a home. Since Lyle has bordetella, pasteurella, and some encephalitozoon cuniculi symptoms (a protozoal parasite commonly referred to as ec), he can’t  be housed around other rabbits, for fear of spreading some of these illnesses. This would typically scare off potential adopters, because they typically had other bunnies.

After talking with Jennifer about Lyle's medical issues and explaining that daily nebulizing helps keep symptoms in check, it was time to plan the transport. Because of the length of the trip, we had to do this in a couple of legs. Lyle first went to Salt Lake City, where his adopter met him to finish the transport.

Lyle is doing great, and this is the latest update I have received from Jennifer:

"He is so entertaining, and is adjusting even better than I hoped. He seems to be very comfortable in the ex-pen setup I have for him in my living room. I thought the commotion of being in the activity center might phase him, but I think he likes it. He often comes to the front of his pen to check things out and get a scratch between the ears. It took him a day or two but he's playing with his toys regularly now and gets excited when I bring him a treat. He doesn't love the nebulizer treatment, but without a fuss he lets me catch him to put him in his crate. He's exactly what I wanted!"

So thank you very much for sponsoring Lyle! Your generous donations allow us to care for rabbits like Lyle who need veterinary care to be healthy, and who may take longer to find a home due to their specialized needs. 




Balanced bunny
Balanced bunny
June 24, 2016

This time of year, Lyle is all about keeping a balance between bunny activity and relaxation. His health is good, and he keeps his caregivers entertained (and busy).

Each morning, Lyle loves to play in the nice Utah sand under the shade of his outdoor run. He’s been working on some remodeling projects in this space. The most recent was digging a place for a pool. He wants it to go in just under his wooden play ramp and next to the hay bin. Caregivers told Lyle that rabbits don’t really enjoy swimming and he wouldn’t use a pool even if they thought it was a good idea for a rabbit. But Lyle likes to dig with purpose.

And when the sand starts to get too hot by 11:30 a.m., Lyle comes back inside to his indoor run where he stays cool and enjoys chewing on his woven grass hut. The hut came with a nice big front door, but Lyle has made this another do-it-yourself remodeling project and is chewing out a window on one side. It looks great, and he is keeping his bunny incisors at a healthy length.

Lyle likes to wrap up a nice summer day with some fresh greens in water, and a chilled timothy hay-and-apple biscuit, which thanks to your sponsorship, is ready and waiting for him and his bunny buddies.

Honey Bunny
Honey bunny
January 7, 2016

All Lyle wants for Christmas is an adoption application with his name on it.

No, he won’t come out and say it. Lyle is proud and independent. He shows caregivers this independence every day by immediately rearranging his toys the moment he is returned to his clean run. Rearranging the items in one’s space can be a sign of contentment in a rabbit, and Lyle enjoys his life at Rescue Village. But he’s not fooling anyone.

Although caregivers make sure that all of Lyle’s nutritional and medical needs are met, and that he always has a lot of great toys and at least one wicker tent to work on destroying, they can see that Lyle has really started to warm to the idea of adopting a human and moving into a new home.

Over the last few months, Lyle has begun to show a sentimental side. He doesn’t mind so much if new people sit in his run for a visit (so long as they bring something tasty to share, such as a freeze-dried strawberry treat), and has decided that maybe it’s not so bad to be brushed or even be picked up to sit in someone’s lap. Caregivers once caught Lyle falling asleep in a volunteer’s arms. And that’s when they knew. Even if he won’t say it, Lyle really wants to see that adoption application come in.

But until he finds the right human to adopt, he’d love to continue his comfy routine at Best Friends, receiving his timothy apple biscuit every morning and having plenty of grass and wicker tents in stock for his destruction. Thanks to your sponsorship of everyone’s favorite chocolate bunny, there is no shortage of any of those items.

August 31, 2015

Little Lyle is determined to become everyone’s favorite dark chocolate bunny dude. Whether he’s busy begging for a treat with his beautiful bunny eyes or darting around in the dirt, Lyle keeps caregivers and visitors on their toes and giggling hysterically.   

Lately, he’s been hard at work, nibbling away at his tent city. All of our bunnies love having wicker tents to chew on and hide in, and Lyle is no exception. Each morning, he wakes up in his bunny bed and asks himself, “How many tents shall I destroy today?” And the answer is always the same: “As many as possible!” And because chewing on wicker is a great way to maintain rabbit’s teeth, Lyle has got some healthy, pearly white chompers to brag about too.  

Lyle recently lost his best buddy, Charlie, which was very sad. But he’s been coping with the loss surprisingly well and has taken to grooming and cuddling his teddy bear while we search for a new bunny friend for him.  

Despite coming to Best Friends with a handful of conditions that require regular medical care, Lyle is thriving. He gets daily nebulization treatments to keep his runny nose under control and he’s wooed one of his caregivers into giving him a baked apple biscuit treat every morning.   

Thank you for sponsoring Lyle and for making him one of the happiest little fuzz balls around.