Martha is a gorgeous long-haired tabby who is friendly and playful. She gets along great with other cats, specially her best buddy and sister, Faith. The pair came to the Sanctuary in April 2012 from a California shelter when they were not even a year old. Martha is slightly neurological, which means she is a bit off-balance at times, but it doesn’t stop her from climbing, jumping and chasing anything that moves. She is especially interested in watching the insects that crawl across the cattery floor. Martha so badly wants to play with them!

She also loves her playtime in the lobby of her building, the Colonel’s Barracks. She races up and down the corridor until suddenly she disappears, only to be found in a corner curled up and taking a siesta. Martha is a cat who plays hard and then follows it up with a good long nap. Sometimes she won’t even wake up when a bag of treats appears.

Martha would love to find a home with a special person who doesn't mind that she trembles (because of her neurological condition). Do you have a place in your heart for this terrific tabby?

Martha's Progress Journal

Quiet time
Faith and Martha relax
June 24, 2016


Since this update was posted, we are sorry to say that Faith has crossed the rainbow bridge. More information about Faith will be shared with her sponsors shortly. She will be greatly missed and Martha's caregivers are closely watching over her.


Summer typically brings lots of families who like to volunteer in an active cattery, such as the place where Faith and Martha live. This gives the girls lots of people that they can observe from high shelves who will toss their favorite toy mice around. But this summer might be a little different. Unfortunately their cattery (Colonel’s Barracks) is temporarily quarantined while the caregivers clear up a ringworm outbreak. Faith and Martha don’t show any symptoms, but a different room does. So the building was closed to visitors and volunteers. The girls are getting plenty of attention from caregivers, but it will be interesting to see if this break from new faces will result in them being a little less shy once the quarantine is lifted.

Healthwise, the girls are fantastic. Their tremors are practically invisible. They are enjoying watching the lizards dart around in the sand and the birds flit from shrub to shrub. Thanks to your generous sponsorship, we are able to care for these girls and other cats like them who need to be monitored medically until that perfect family comes along to take them home.

Morning glory
Morning glory
January 7, 2016

Even though it’s winter, the colder temperatures don’t slow these long-haired girls down one bit.

Martha enjoys spending time in the cattery collecting some sunshine. Faith has other plans, though, and likes to stay tucked away, waiting for someone to toss her a toy. It’s more fun to pounce than to simply bat something around. The girls have been active and their health has been steady. Thanks to your sponsorship we can care for these sisters until their perfect family finds them.  

Perfect pair
August 1, 2015

We’ve decided that Martha and her sister Faith need their own show, à la “Laverne & Shirley” or “Key andPeele.” They’re sure to inspire endless laughter and have an absolute ball doing it no matter what.  

The two of them have been shrugging off their neurological disadvantages lately by walking the high beams of the cattery and climbing any cat tree in sight. These sassy sisters are forever physically active and are hard to track down sometimes because they’re always on the move.  

Similar to the princess and the pea, Martha and Faith cannot be bothered with using cat litter. They just don’t like that grainy feel on their perfect, delicate paws. So their caregivers have happily (and alternatively) accommodated them with some pee pads.   

Otherwise, these fuzzy beauties are eating well and napping soundly after their playtime. Now if they can just find that perfect home to match such a perfect pair.

Always fabulous
January 14, 2015

The winter months have been good to Martha. She divides her time equally between lounging in the sun in her outdoor cattery and expertly stalking and pouncing on the leaves whipped up by the wind. 

This golden-eyed girl and her sister, Faith are fabulous as always and busy growing in their thick, beautiful winter coats. Martha loved sporting her summer cut, but she thinks her winter fur is naturally more stylish. It’s hard to believe these two lovely tabby ladies aren’t on the cover of major feline magazines. Maybe someday! 

Both girls were recently taken off all of their medications and so far they’ve been relaxed, calm and it even seems like their tremors are less noticeable than before. 

Martha has had quite a few visitors this past year. Earlier this spring, Faith and Martha’s former foster mom came out to visit the Sanctuary and specifically asked to spend some quality time with them, which they loved. 

More recently, a group of volunteers stayed at Best Friends for a few days and took the girls on multiple sleepovers, which involved hours of exploring the new territory and taking in all the interesting sights and sounds. 

Thank you so much for sponsoring Martha. She and Faith are keeping busy, staying healthy and are providing plenty of laughs here thanks to you.