Meet Mozart, the amazing! Seriously, he’s really amazing. Not only because he’s talented (you should see him chase a feather), but because, in just the few years that he’s been at the Sanctuary, he’s come such a long way.

When Mozart first arrived at Cat World, he drooled constantly, his tongue was swollen, he had breathing problems, and, because he didn’t feel well, he had a really hard time accepting love. But all of that changed with medical care, a little patience and compassionate people like you.

Although Mozart still has a few medical issues today, which are being treated with a humidifier in his very own kitty suite, you’d never know it. In fact, Mozart is known as the man about town. He greets volunteers, makes lots of new friends and really enjoys going on stroller rides. Now all this happy fella needs is a loving home to call his own and, of course, the support of someone like you.

Mozart's Progress Journal

Keeping active
Keeping active
June 24, 2016

Mozart has beauty and brains. This summer he’s been showing off his moves by doing agility training! Mozart runs the course, hopping and weaving, and then waits patiently for his reward. Once his sessions are finished, this proud guy will parade through headquarters making sure everyone in the lobby has a chance to say hello while he makes his way back to his suite.  Mozart’s health has been stable, and thanks to your generosity we can help him stay healthy in body and spirit.

Mister wonderful
Mister wonderful
January 7, 2016

Happy handsome Mozart is living at Catworld HQ. He has a private suite where he can entertain visitors without having to share the attention. This is fine with him. The other cats would just get jealous. Mozart is charming and his health has been good. He has his own humidifier to help him breathe easier during the winter months, and a fountain to help encourage him to drink lots of water. It’s thanks to generous sponsors like you that we are able to provide these items to cats like Mozart. Thank you so much for keeping them happy and healthy while they await that special someone to come and adopt them.


Vast improvements
November 17, 2014

With the help of that treatment, medication, twice-daily nebulizing, and a diet and exercise plan, Mozart is really feeling much better. In turn, the vast improvement in his physical health helped boost Mozart’s mood. All of his prickliness disappeared, and he became one of the brightest, sweetest cats around.

These days, Mozart’s health is fairly easy to maintain. His tongue has healed to the point where the ulcer can be kept in check with periodic squirts of green tea mouthwash. And his coat is kept short to help him with grooming. With his new, lithe figure, his breathing problem has all but disappeared. All this means Mozart now has a lot more time to focus on the good things in life — finally.