Like her best buddy Curly, Mya is one of the dogs who was rescued from Bad Newz Kennels on the property of NFL quarterback Michael Vick in 2007. She arrived at Best Friends particularly fearful, so her evolution from shy and frightened to the dog she is today is a true testament to her resilience.

Mya has always shined when it comes to befriending other animals, including Clarabell, an old office cat she adored. Her true calling, however, may be that of surrogate mom. Anytime young pups at the Sanctuary are in need of companionship and guidance, Mya is there to provide it.

Though she's come so far, Mya has a fragile, tentative side that still emerges periodically, especially around unfamiliar people. But she loves to connect with others, two- and four-legged alike, and finds strength in being around those she truly loves.

Your sponsorship will help this sweet, floppy-eared girl continue to heal and blossom.

Mya's Progress Journal

Mya the former Michael Vick dog with another Vicktory dog named Curly
Easy does it
June 24, 2016

Curly and Mya, who are always together, are two special dogs who are continuing to do well. Last summer they received a pool as a special gift, and now it’s back out in their run and caregivers have spotted them wading around and clearly enjoying it. Of course, there are no photos to prove it. Curly and Mya have made a sport out of spotting the photographer before any evidence can be captured.

A comfortable routine for Curly and Mya each summer is spending parts of their week in various air-conditioned offices. Their activities include enjoying cookies, soft beds, lots of attention from trusted human friends, and short walks (short only because they want to get back into the air conditioning).

Healthwise, they are doing well. Curly occasionally has a pesky allergic reaction to something that grows in the summer, which causes his eye to swell and itch for a bit. Of course, his caregivers jump right on it and get him some relief, but it’s pretty mild and he endures the discomfort very well, especially since it usually results in extra cookies and face rubs.  

Thanks to your sponsorship, Curly, Mya and dogs like them have all the cookies and thoughtful care they need to keep them healthy and happy with us. 

Sponsor Mya the Vicktory dog
Life is good
February 26, 2016

Life is good for Mya. She and Curly (another Vicktory dog) spend several days a week “helping out” the managers in Dogtown by supervising all the office activities. One day a week they visit the office of the animal care director, and the rest of the time they stay busy in their run at the Clubhouse.

Mya has recently been experiencing some medical issues. Our incredible veterinary team is working closely with the caregivers to diagnose and create a treatment plan for her. Not to worry though — Mya is in good spirits.

Like many of us, Mya has put on a few extra winter pounds, so although she prefers to spend most of her time lounging on a soft cushy bed with a good toy or chewy, it looks like we will be setting aside a bit more time for exercise. Luckily, Mya also has an appreciation for a good long walk!

Thank you for your generous sponsorship of Mya.