Nicky struggles with a few different issues, the biggest of which is deciding whether he wants to eat or snuggle in the mornings. This sweet guy loves his caregivers so much that he weaves an invisible rope around their legs every morning when they try to leave his room.

Born in 2010, Nicky found his way to Best Friends’ adoption center in Mission Hills, California, and then traveled here to the Sanctuary. He appears to have some neurological issues and experiences occasional seizures, which are being managed with medication.

Despite some of his medical challenges, Nicky is a super social guy who loves having feline roommates to play and nap with, as long as they can give him his space when he needs it. And apparently he’s a good luck charm for other cats, because all of his favorite roomies keep getting adopted!

Thank you for sponsoring this special guy while he waits for a home of his own. With those beautiful butterfly markings around his face and his affectionate personality, we know he’ll catch someone’s eye.

Nicky's Progress Journal

Nicky summer 2016 update
Hello bright eyes
July 8, 2016

Nicky is a handsome, leggy tiger, who at first glance is healthy and hearty. But not always. Nicky has a neurological disorder. It slowed him down and made it unlikely that he’d find a home. So Nicky came to Best Friends from California where he can be cared for and loved. He has episodes where he seems to “check out.” He can become very vocal and seems very very confused.

Medication has helped, but so has a very tolerant kitty friend named Oleander. Oleander and Nicky play and nap together. And when Nicky has an occasional episode, Oleander doesn’t get too freaked out and lets Nicky get back to normal. New this summer: All our cats now have an indoor sandbox to roll and get appropriately sandy in.

Cats who like walking on harness and leash have unlimited access to flip flopping in the sand, while out exploring the desert environment. This is a nice enhancement and enrichment opportunity for our cats who have not yet got the hang of walking on leash (like Nicky).

Nicky loves people and will snuggle up with volunteers any chance he can get. He likes it so much that sometimes volunteers get trapped by Nicky. He sprawls across their laps, eyes half closed, so blissed out that they are reluctant to interrupt his absolute bliss.

Thanks to your generosity, Nicky and other cats with chronic or complicated medical conditions are skillfully treated by our clinic and caregivers — getting them medically stable so they can enjoy sunshine, sand and fresh breezes until someone falls in love and adds them to their family forever.