What a face! You can’t look at Nochi without getting the sudden urge to pinch his little cheeks and give him a big ol’ hug. And he certainly wouldn’t mind if you did. Around Dogtown, Nochi is known as a people flirt: He loves attention, and when you give it to him, he’ll give you an appreciative kiss — or, more likely, 10 appreciative kisses.

Nochi is a super happy dog today, but it took him a while to find his spark of joy. We don’t know a whole lot about Nochi’s past, but when he was brought to the Sanctuary from Chicago in 2007, he was frightened by most people and he definitely didn’t like other dogs. And that made this naturally sociable guy feel just miserable.

But with the help of caregivers and lots of TLC, Nochi’s tail went from always between his legs to forever wagging (hyper speed, of course). Nochi regularly takes part in doggy play groups and, with training, he has become quite the smarty pants. He even does nose work!

Nochi really wants to find the perfect forever home. But until then, he really appreciates having someone kind like you in his corner. Thank you for sponsoring Nochi.

Nochi's Progress Journal

Nochi the dog holding his paw up
Nochi, Nochi, Nochi!
June 28, 2016

You can’t help but cheer and smile when this scruffy guy lets you into his circle of friends.

Nochi has been at the Sanctuary for many years, and in that time this scallywag of a boy has charmed caregivers and visitors, as well as give them a run for their money. Friendly and silly, he draws a line when it comes to medical care, grooming and the ever-awful (to Nochi) nail trim.

He is well-loved, and his caregivers know him so well and have worked hard to make caring for this rascal a joy, which includes working with him to safely meet his vital needs, such as veterinary care or grooming. Nochi has wonderful dog skills, and plays exceptionally well with his doggy friends during playdates.
Thanks to your generous gift, Nochi and dogs with challenging behavior issues can be loved and tended to with compassion, affection and skill, until that perfect terrier-savvy person falls head over heels in love and takes this special guy home forever.