Before Oliver (aka Pig Newton John) came to the Sanctuary in 2012, he was the only pig in his household. As such, he was used to being the center of attention and was kind of bossy. Since arriving at Best Friends, he’s learned to share the limelight and play nice with others — though he still demands to be petted and can get a little nippy when overstimulated.

Oliver currently lives in a group (pigs tend to bond in twos or threes) and is BFFs with a big pig named RB. His favorite activities include being brushed and walked by volunteers, and doing anything involving food. He likes to plant himself directly in front of people and sit in anticipation of a treat or reward, and he is always first in line for meals.

Being an eight-year-old pig this handsome does come at a price: Oliver must be slathered in sunscreen in the summer and coconut oil in the winter to keep his sensitive pink skin from being sunburned and dry.

Oliver has come so far in his time at the Sanctuary, and his forever family is out there — we just know it! In the meantime, he could use support from someone like you.

Oliver's Progress Journal

Volunteer favorite
Volunteer favorite
June 24, 2016

Oliver is a staff and volunteer favorite who currently lives with our young and active group of pigs. Summers are very hot, and all our piggy friends can teach us valuable lessons on how to take it easy during the hottest part of the day. Oliver can often be found napping in his air conditioned house with Riley, Tippy and Jasmin, he also likes to to spend some quality time by himself, either napping in a cave or snoozing in the shade of a tree. While resting in the shade Oliver is always ready for a belly rub and there is usually an eager volunteer ready to help him out.  There are also multiple mud wallows for Oliver to lounge in. Thanks for all the support you provide which allows Oliver and his piggy friends to live a life of leisure!

Warm and cozy
Warm and cozy
January 7, 2016

Winter just might be Oliver’s favorite time of year. No need to make excuses for not coming outside, napping in nice warm bedding and eating with gusto! What can be wrong with that? Nothing!

Oliver’s caregivers make sure that our sleepy friend gets out to wander around his enclosure — even when it’s cold. After all, exercise is important for us all — humans and pigs alike. Oliver’s health continues to be good. He has made friends with Cricket and they can often be found snoozing away on a cold day. He has even made progress integrating with the entire sounder (group of pigs). Thankfully, all of his piggy friends have heated housing so that when the Utah sun isn’t quite warming up the day to their liking, there is always a comfortable place for them to lounge. Thank you so much for sponsoring Oliver!

Not so shy
September 9, 2015

Oliver had a very busy day today – so despite my best efforts to attract his attention – his new roommate was way more interesting than I was.  Molly moved in this morning and is pretty shy.  Oliver hasn’t got a shy bone in his body, so Molly is a very curious creature to him.  He can’t quite figure out why she isn’t right up in front of their enclosure.  His boldness scares her a bit - so she’s keeping her distance for now.  I tried to tell her Oliver’s secret – that he is only bold with humans, with other pigs he’s kind of a wimp… but she doesn’t believe me.  They’ll be great friends in a few days, sharing muddy wallowing holes and napping the day away.