Scrapper may be his name but this sweet fella is anything but scrappy. He’s such a little lover! He likes to be petted on the head, cuddle against your leg and when he needs a little extra affection, he’ll softly chirp to get your attention.

But don’t let his calm composure fool you. This guy has a wild side, too. You should see him chase a ball!

Since Scrapper tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), he’s currently living in Cat World’s Colonel’s Barracks with the other FIV kitties. There, he loves spending his days soaking up the sun and getting lots of love from volunteers and caregivers. But he does dream of one day having a loving home of his own. And until that day comes, sweet Scrapper is very grateful to have the support of someone like you.

Scrapper's Progress Journal

Happy adoption day!
Happy adoption day!
May 18, 2016

Scrapper won the heart of a volunteer named Paula, and she knew that he would be the perfect addition to her daughter Virginia’s family. So after carefully talking it over with her daughter, Scrapper went home to a family that included two very surprised and delighted grandkids. Grandma was instantly elevated to superhero status.

Scrapper now lives in New Mexico and his days are filled with good meals, pools of sunshine to snooze in and a family of his very own. His mellow personality meshed instantly with the family, and the fact that Scrapper was positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) was never much of a concern. Luckily, Paula's friend who volunteered with her has cats who are both FIV positive and negative in her home, a great example of FIV cats can be great family members and live long and happy lives.

Thank you so much for sponsoring Scrapper! Your generosity gave Scrapper, and cats just like him the time and care needed while they waited for the perfect family to find them.

Scrapper, Sponsor program cat
Ginger boy
January 7, 2016

Scrapper is a great big loving light ginger boy! His name is a testament to his will, not his demeanor. In addition to having feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) when he arrived at Best Friends, he had a badly broken back leg. With pins, plates and screws, this fella demonstrated an incredible will to live. Now he moves without even a hint of a limp. Visitors and caregivers are just astonished that this guy moves like slinky lightning, never even hinting that his leg is equal parts metal and bone.

Winter finds this guy leaping, chasing and playing the days away. Scrapper has plenty of toys to chase and has received top-notch veterinary care, which allowed him to keep his back leg and stay in great health until that perfect family finds and makes him their own. Thanks for being his cheerleader from afar!