Meet Snoopy the happy beagle. This mature boy loves to be hot on the trail of everything at the dog park. He hunts with his nose to the ground and his tail wagging high and hard. Outgoing and affectionate, Snoopy adores kissing people and hanging out with cats and caged birds. Dogs are OK, but so far Snoopy doesn't have a canine best friend. 

Dear Snoopy does have his quirks. He's been known to nip when guarding food, and he is one bodacious digger. That has lost him a few adoptive homes. But Snoopy really does love people and he wants to be a great companion. 

While Snoopy waits for his forever family (he’s hoping for dog-savvy beagle lovers), he would love to have your support as his sponsor. He is a welcome member of Dogtown, and a bundle of beagle love.

Snoopy's Progress Journal

Gone home
Gone home
June 28, 2016

We are delighted to let you know that Snoopy has gone home. A couple from Washington state were on their motorcycles when they saw the Sanctuary sign on Highway 89. Fate made them turn in and take the tour. They are beagle-savvy and already have one at home. Snoopy made such an impression on them that he became part of their family. He flew home and is settling in very well. Thank you so much for sponsoring Snoopy and helping to provide him with food, shelter and veterinary care until his forever family could take him home.

Winter fun
Winter fun
January 7, 2016

Snoopy loves winter! Without the heat of summer to worry about, this beagle is all go-go-go! There are so many smells to sniff, so many nooks and crannies in the dog park to explore. How is a beagle supposed to get that done all in one day? Good thing time isn’t an issue around here! Snoopy is doing great and really loving life with four canine companions. This senior fellow can sure show them the ropes.

Snoopy’s health is really good, his appetite is wonderful and he keeps limber by taking long walks with his trusted friends. He is still working on his resource issues. He’s just not ready to believe that all the toys and all the food are OK to share, and that they won’t disappear forever. But we’ll keep working on it.

Thanks to your sponsorship, Snoopy will never have to worry about where his next meal is coming from, and he will always have a safe and warm place to rest. That is, if he ever decides to rest!

Living the dream
August 1, 2015

Snoopy is old and wise in body and mind, and forever young at heart.   

This little floppy-eared guy’s caregivers love to joke about how he’s been “slowing down lately.” For Snoopy, that just means that he’s gone from supersonic speed to race car speed. After all, it’s hard to slow down when you’re busy “living the dream” as the most perfect Beagle on the planet. 

Snoopy keeps his schedule pretty busy. He’s big on exercise and loves a good walk. But because he’s also got awesome floppy ears, he demands regular car rides so that he can feel the wind in his hair. He’s even asked to drive a few times, but he’s not really the kind of guy who’s likely to obey speed limits. So for now, he’s letting us do the driving. 

Lately, he’s been taking the dog park by storm and proving himself to be Mr. Social with each new dog he meets. Snoopy actually has one of the most fabulous track records around when it comes to greeting and befriending new doggy roommates.   

Snoopy’s caregivers continue to work with him on manners, particularly around food, but he’s pretty sure that with a bit more polishing and practice, he’ll be ready to head home with somebody special.  

Thank you for sponsoring sweet Snoopy and for helping him start on the path to a new life.