No two snowflakes are alike. And you won't find another cat like Snowflake, either. How many cats do you know brave enough to crawl across the street after being hit by a car to protect their kittens?

That's Snowflake! Left paralyzed in her rear legs, she gazes up at you, her soothing green tea eyes whispering, "Please pet me." And when you do, she just oozes with love. When she purrs, her whole body purrs.

Unfortunately, to fully appreciate Snowflake's endearing qualities, you do have to hold her. And visitors just weren't stopping to do that at her animal shelter out in Los Angeles. So she came to Best Friends, where she's made tons of friends who enjoy holding her as much as she likes being held.

You might not be able to hold her from where you are. But you can make sure she continues getting all the comforts and care she deserves by sponsoring her.

Snowflake's Progress Journal

Snowflake passed away recently.
Goodbye sweet Snowflake
October 6, 2016

We are very sorry to share that Snowflake passed away. In recent weeks her health had declined and we discovered that her heart was having trouble. It had weakened and couldn’t pump blood like it should. Everyone hoped that their favorite fashion muse would be with them for years more, but it wasn’t to be. Surrounded by her caregivers, Snowflake crossed peacefully.

She will be remembered and deeply missed. Her snowy white fur and her bright inquisitive eyes always followed the action, and despite her physical issues, Snowflake maintained her regal presence until the end.

Thank you so much for sponsoring Snowflake and helping us provide her with skilled veterinary care, nutritious food and loving care for the time she graced us all with her presence.

June 24, 2016

Poor Snowflake really missed all her adoring fans while Quincy House was closed due to an outbreak of ringworm. Now that the building has reopened, Snowflake is making up for lost time and really turning up the charm.

Despite being partially paralyzed, this girl gets around very well. She is usually dressed in a romper, one of many custom-designed outfits that help her slide along the floors and also keep her dry and looking pretty.

Now that her building has reopened to visitors and volunteers, Snowflake is once again educating folks: Despite her mobility challenges, this girl has a zest for life and a deep curiosity about all the things going on around her. She loves summer stroller rides because from the comfort of her fully enclosed “chariot,” she can tour the grounds, watch the birds fly, and feel the wind in her whiskers.  

Thank you so much for sponsoring Snowflake! Your continued generosity allows us to care for Snowflake and other kitties like her until that perfect someone adopts her and takes her home.

Pretty princess
January 7, 2016

Snowflake is doing very well! As you can see in her photo, she looks stunning in her pretty red dress. Her regal pose makes us think she would feel right at home in a winter palace. Snowflake gets to wear her fancy fashionista outfits after the caregivers at Quincy deep clean. After all, we wouldn’t want the princess to get damp after they have mopped the floors!

Snowflake enjoys the attention the volunteers give her. She loves to be loved. Her health this winter has been pretty good and all in all, she’s doing fantastic! Thanks to your sponsorship, we can continue to provide love and care to sweet Snowflake and other cats like her.

August 1, 2015

Snowflake has lately become a bit of a fashionista.  

Benton’s recently introduced something called “formal Fridays” to keep certain cats safe from certain substances on floors and counters during advanced cleaning protocols. For these occasions, Snowflake dons a snazzy padded knit dress so she can saunter around in in her special Snowflake way. Most cats aren’t big fans of having anything other than fur wrapped around their bodies, but Snowflake seems to be basking in the glory of this new fashion statement.  

When she’s not modeling her new threads, Snowflake is usually lounging on the catio and flirting with volunteers. She continues to be sociable with the other cats and never lets her physical disadvantages get her down.  

Thank you for making it possible to give this lovely green-eyed lady such a good life.

Gaining momentum
January 14, 2015

Snowflake seems to be rapidly gaining momentum in life, despite being paralyzed from the back legs down. 

This powdery white girl used to be too fearful to venture outside, but not anymore. Snowflake now spends much of her time sunning and shading herself on the catio. She’s usually either catching some rays with her new best buddy, Eliana, or cooling off under a Kuranda bed when the sun gets too hot. 

Snowflake also recently went on a sleepover with two fabulous volunteers who came to the Sanctuary. And naturally she took full advantage of all the special attention and luxurious accommodations. According to the volunteers, she was quite the “princess.” Not a surprise at all. 

Snowflake’s caregivers are thrilled to see her making new friends with the other cats, as well as gaining so much confidence. And they thought you’d enjoy this photo of her lounging about in the shade outside. Thank you for sponsoring Snowflake and for helping give her, and other animals like her, a new start to a beautiful life.

Cute as ever!
April 18, 2014

Snowflake is as cute as ever! Since her surgery to remove her two back legs, she’s more mobile and less prone to sores and infections. Her health is great, and she spends her days giving love and attention to the other lobby cats at Quincy House. She’s a nurturer at heart, and has taken Alfie, a fellow lobby cat, who has been feeling down since he lost his two best friends last year, under her wing. She’s even managed to make friends with Duke, a kitty who isn’t particularly fond of other cats! 

Of course, she continues to seek love and attention from people as much as she can. She loves to greet everyone and will give her best "Am I not the cutest thing ever?" face if you don't pet her right away. Now that the weather is colder, she can often be found curled up on a pillow in front of the heater in the office. Snowflake, of course, also enjoys playtime and recently had a great time playing with the Undercover Mouse toy with a bunch of her friends. She’s loving life at Best Friends while she waits for her forever home. 

Thank you so much for sponsoring Snowflake, and giving this special girl love from afar! Your support helps her thrive.