Tiny Tim

Sleek, active Tiny Tim steals the hearts of all who meet him. We call him "Happy Feet." A spinal deformity has twisted Tim's lower back so that he sits side-saddle on the ground. While a bit unsteady when standing, Tiny Tim nonetheless pulls with his strong front paws and kicks with his back feet to get anywhere and everywhere he wants to go, and at mind-bending speeds!

Playful, silly Tim is a lover whose sunny moods and boyish ways welcome affection from everyone. He paddles his feet like a Celtic dancer whenever we pick Tiny Tim up. He does need help expressing his bladder and sometimes with a little back end clean up. Other than that, Tiny Tim is one splendidly easy-going cat who simply wants to be a cherished member of a loving family.

Your support for Tiny Tim will help this dapper lad learn a few more dance steps before his forever friends find him. Until then, please consider being a sponsor to this very special boy!

Tiny Tim's Progress Journal

June 24, 2016

Tiny Tim was outside with a volunteer enjoying a roll in the sand, lizard watching and generally enjoying the heat of the day. Suddenly he decided that the shade called to him, and this handsome tuxedo boy with a spinal deformity got up and quickly (to the surprise of his volunteer) moved to a shady shrub ― waaaay into that shady shrub. Quite content in his new lair, Tiny Tim rolled a bit and continued his siesta, all under the smiling gaze of staff who know and love this happy guy.

TT’s health has been good, and now that Quincy House has reopened Tim is again enjoying all the volunteers and the fun they bring to his day. Thank you so much for sponsoring Tiny Tim! Because of your support cats like Tiny Tim who cannot walk or urinate without assistance can enjoy comfortable lives in which both their medical and emotional needs are met. 

Winter joy
Winter joy
January 7, 2016



Winter can be chilly, but also sunny. Tiny Tim can most often be found lounging in the cattery, enjoying the fresh air. As soon as that cattery door handle jingles, the lounging is over and Tiny Tim greets the visitor and asks to play. Despite his disability, Tiny Tim has no difficulty chasing giggling volunteers all around his cattery — happy feet indeed! He is happy all over.

Tim’s health is pretty good. He still has to have his bladder expressed and some cleanup back there to keep his lovely tuxedo looking fresh. Thanks to your support, we are able to provide loving and consistent care to Tim, as well as other cats facing similar mobility challenges.


Spa Days
August 1, 2015

Tiny Tim is all about his spa days lately.   

Because of a spinal deformity and difficulty expressing his bladder, Tim needs daily baths to keep him clean and happy. However, he is not a fan of being picked up and put on a counter. Being carried or held high up makes this sweet little guy feel scared and vulnerable. So, his caregivers have been rolling out a special bath time at a more acceptable level.  

Tim gets little side-by-side bath bins set up on the floor for him and purrs away as his caregivers rub his chin while giving his beautiful tuxedo fuzz a quick makeover. The whole set-up looks like someone’s preparing for a nice relaxing pedicure.  

Once he’s all clean and fancy again, he does his funny little walk around the room and then plops himself down somewhere to watch everyone as they come and go.   

Thank you so much for sponsoring Tiny Tim (aka Happy Feet) and for keeping him clean and comfortable as he patiently waits for the home and family of his dreams.