Ready to meet one of the most adorable cats ever? Meet Weebles! She sure is pretty, isn’t she? Her blue eyes and spotted nose seem to draw people right in. And when you see her walk, oh boy, will you be head over heels. This gal has an adorable little wobble to her walk, which sometimes makes her move a little slower. But don’t feel sorry for her! This girl still has lots of spunk.

Weebles is hoping she’ll find a forever home really soon. But until then, she’ll keep doing what she does best — making new friends and giving affection to everyone. She’ll also keep taking her baths like a champ. Sometimes, because of her slight wobble, Weebles can’t quite make it to the litter box on time. But, since this doesn’t happen very often, after a light bath this gal is back and begging for love in no time.

Weebles really is a loving, affectionate cat. And, one day, she’ll make the right person so happy. Until then, she would truly appreciate having you as a sponsor. 

Weebles's Progress Journal

Night owl
Night owl
June 24, 2016

Weebles loves summer. She loves taking herself out to the cattery after the last volunteer has left for the day, and enjoying the early evening warm breeze. Caregivers really think that this girl is a night owl, cruising around the lobby and her cattery after the sun goes down, making sure that everything is in it’s place and watching the desert landscape under the glow of a starry night.

During the busy days though, Weebles like to be on her daybed, monitoring who comes and who goes through the front door of Benton’s. But be careful, because, if she locks onto you with her brilliant blue eyes, you may not be able to tear yourself away.

Weebles’ health has been good. Because of your generous sponsorship of Weebles and cats like her, we can provide them with enrichment and excellent veterinary care — that is until a family is trapped by those blue eyes takes and Weebles home to be their very own blue-eyed night owl.

Winter princess
Winter princess
January 7, 2016

Beautiful Weebles holds court from her special princess day bed in Benton’s lobby. Winter or summer, this girl likes to be in the thick of things. Her bright eyes don’t miss any of the volunteers coming into the building. She expects to be admired and gently petted. Miss Weebles has been in good health this season. We think she is anxious for warmer, sunnier days, so that she can be bundled up in her stroller and taken for a walk around the grounds. Thank you for sponsoring Weebles and for helping us keep her warm and full, while she waits for her perfect family to adopt her and bring her home.

Ms. Blue Eyes
September 8, 2015

This morning, after sunning herself in the adjacent cattery, Weebles held court in the lobby of Benton's.  Despite her injury, Weebles gets around very well.  She's a bit awkward when she first starts going, those back legs seem to have a mind of their own.  But once she gets warmed up, there is little to slow her down.  She was quick to let me know that rather than playing with her sisal mouse toy, she'd rather supervise the comings and goings of the volunteers.  I suspect that she was looking for that special someone who could take her on a stroller ride.  That lucky someone was not too hard to find.  I mean really, who could say 'no' to Weebles?  A slow blink from those big blue eyes, and you are done for!