Wild Bill

Wild Bill's Progress Journal

Odd couple
Odd couple
June 24, 2016

Thank you so much for sponsoring Wild Bill. New this summer is that Bill and his friend Cocky are actually spending days together. Caregivers can open the door between their adjacent flights, and the boys quickly gang up to demolish toys in one area or both areas. Their peaceful coexistence doesn’t quite speak to the monumental value of their friendship. Many self-destructive behaviors that birds like Wild Bill can exhibit are due to boredom. Cocky and Wild Bill really didn’t want to be friends with people. They wanted to be wild. They were on their own, each in a solo enclosure, and they really didn’t think people were all that great. After patient support for their budding friendship, the day finally arrived when caregivers were able to open the door and let these two physically share an area. Now, rather than just chat or scream to each other through a shared wall, they now roam from perch to roof to perch — sunning, foraging and playing the day away. Your generous sponsorship helps Wild Bill and other birds like him have the time and specialized care necessary to ensure they are healthy, both physically and emotionally.

Wild Bill and his winter toys
Winter toys
January 6, 2016

Wild Bill is doing fantastic. He and his buddy, Cocky, chatted and yelled the summer away, and they are now snug, warm and tucked into their winter enclosure ― and still occasionally yelling. With lots of toys and lots of companionship, Wild Bill tolerates the cold season very well. This bright boy spends time with his caregivers by making the sweetest little happy noises and politely taking toys offered to him. Of course, he quickly demolishes those toys, but, thankfully, there is always another toy or puzzle waiting for this silly guy to destroy.

Thank you for sponsoring Wild Bill!

Stress-free guy
November 1, 2015

Every day that Wild Bill spends settling in at the Sanctuary, the flame-colored feathers donning his head seem to grow a little brighter. 

Helping a bird like Bill adjust to a new environment is so difficult because all he really wants is to be magically whisked back to the treetops of his native environment (which of course, isn’t possible, since he’s been raised as a pet.) His caregivers were pretty concerned when he first arrived because no amount of attention and no number of toys could console him. He began plucking out the covert feathers on his chest which help keep him warm. 

Luckily, a little love and friendship has all but vanquished Bill’s stress. Once he was moved out of quarantine, he moved into a flight next door to Cocky, a great sulphur-crested cockatoo. And the two of them now offer one another some much needed social support. 

These two fabulous feathered men spend time socializing through the fence and they even enjoy their meals together. The effect on Wild Bill has been so dramatic that his once chewed-off feathers have finally grown back. Just take a look at this photo of this spectacular, stress-free guy. 

Thank you for your sponsorship of Wild Bill and for helping make it possible to care for special birds like him. Because of you he is now able to relax and enjoy his life along with the company of a new friend.

September 1, 2015

Wild Bill is taking everyone for a wild ride with his personality and pizzazz. 

This flame-crested boy has become the ultimate social butterfly with visitors and caregivers and is hoping to be voted “Life of the Party” at the next Parrot Garden banquet, which, apparently, he’s planning. 

Speaking of parties, his new favorite party favors are almonds. Yep, almonds. He loves to ever-so-gently pluck an almond from your fingers, and then lovingly talk to it as he savors every last bite. His caregivers have started referring to this as his “yummy sound.” 

In addition to his new love affair with almonds, Wild Bill continues to yuck it up with his buddy Cocky next door. These two can regularly be found chattering away and admiring one another through their enclosure fence. And occasionally they like to play a fun game called, “Who can yell the loudest?” 

A clear winner has not yet been declared in that contest, but thanks to you, Wild Bill and and friends have already won the jackpot in terms of care, comfort and companionship. 

Thank you so much for sponsoring this wild-haired boy and all of his wonderful antics. His life is truly a party, thanks to you.