Best Friends’ lorem ipsum to the Nashville Floods

Save Them All


Right now, Best Friends’ disaster response teams are actively working to identify needs to best support impacted animal shelters and rescue groups in ___________.  Best Friends has reached out to shelters and rescue groups in the area to assess the impact and support any needs that may arise.

Visit Best Friends’ Facebook page for updates and to follow our work on the ground. 

What to do if you’ve been impacted by the disaster

If you’ve been impacted by the disaster, you should follow your city or state guidelines to remain safe. If you are in immediate danger, call 911. If you’re evacuating with your pets and you’re not sure what to bring, or if you’re preparing t home and aren’t sure what to do to keep your pets are safe, we can help.

What we're doing in Kanab

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Donate to disaster relief efforts

When you make a gift today, it will be used exclusively for Best Friends’ disaster relief efforts to help animals in this and other disasters. Thank you for anything you can do for the affected people and pets.

Keep your pet safe during a natural disaster

If you’ve been impacted by the disaster, you should follow your city or state guidelines to remain safe. If you are in immWhen there’s a natural disaster or emergency in your city that requires evacuation, be ready to keep yourself safe, as well as your dogs, cats and other pets.  

Who we are

Best Friends Animal Society works alongside thousands of animal shelters, rescue groups and other animal welfare organizations to save the lives of cats and dogs across the country. We won’t stop until the entire country is no-kill by 2025.

As part of our commitment to keep pets safe, Best Friends’ disaster response team works to save lives during natural disasters and emergencies. We rescue stranded animals, deliver supplies to hard-hit shelters and rescue groups, transport displaced pets to areas where they’ll be safe, and support emergency sheltering efforts.