Julie Honse

Julie HonseSenior Manager of National Events

Julie Honse was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and after graduating with a journalism degree from the University of Oregon, she promptly changed career tracks and became an event manager for nonprofit and corporate events. As the senior manager for national events at Best Friends, she gets to put her event-planning chops to work specifically to help homeless cats and dogs across the U.S.

Julie grew up with dogs, but was not exposed to the world of animal shelters and animal welfare until 1998, when she adopted her first kitten from the Oregon Humane Society. It was kismet from that day on. She became a volunteer, took on a leadership role helping to train new volunteers, and developed and implemented volunteer-run animal programs.

Eventually she joined forces with several other shelters and rescue groups in the Portland metro area to lend them a hand. Along the way, she ended up with a houseful of animals, which currently includes two pit-bull-like dogs, a beagle and border collie mix, a golden retriever mix and a true Heinz 57 mixed-breed dog, along with two cats and, until she recently passed, a house chicken, all living happily together.