Hannah McNabb

Special programs coordinator of Salt Lake County Animal Services

Hannah McNabbHannah McNabb has worked with Salt Lake County Animal Services, a no-kill municipal shelter in Utah, as part of their special programs team since 2011. Hannah completes dog assessments, runs daily play groups, creates behavior modification plans and helps with an enrichment program.

She created the Building Better Behaviors program, which includes specialized adoption events for high-energy dogs, a music program to reduce kennel stress, scent therapy and Click for Quiet programs shelter-wide. She recently teamed up with the Utah Dog Trainers Alliance to provide free positive training workshops supporting new adopters and first-time dog owners. Additional specialized training is being offered to volunteers, foster homes and staff. Hannah also raises guide dogs for the blind, which brings her great joy.

Hannah has been passionate about animals from a young age. In 2002, she began an extensive journey in animal welfare as a volunteer by dedicating her time to her local animal sanctuary. She believes it is where her unconditional love for shelter dogs originated. When Hannah moved to Salt Lake City in 2005, she began volunteering for multiple nearby organizations. She spent a year as a veterinary assistant and worked for a dog daycare before pursuing her dream of training dogs and working with shelter animals.

In 2011, she was offered the chance to work for a professional dog trainer in Salt Lake City. This opportunity allowed Hannah to provide consultation services to the Salt Lake County shelter, which has blossomed into what she does today. Hannah is continuously looking for ways to further her education. She is looking forward to learning more and helping shelter animals in the process.

Saturday, July 16, 2016
8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
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