Julie Castle

Chief development, marketing and communications officer of Best Friends Animal Society

Julie CastleJulie Castle is the chief development, marketing and communications officer for Best Friends Animal Society. In that role, she has led a rebranding effort for the organization and introduced the new call to action, Save Them All. Previously, as director of community programs and services at Best Friends, Julie led a revamping of Best Friends’ national outreach to focus exclusively on achieving the mission of No More Homeless Pets, including the creation and launch of NKLA (No-Kill Los Angeles) and Best Friends’ puppy mill, pit bull terrier and community cat initiatives.

In 1999, Julie co-created No More Homeless Pets in Utah, a joint project between Best Friends and Maddie’s Fund to take the entire state of Utah to no-kill. Julie held many positions within No More Homeless Pets in Utah, serving as the executive director until 2006. Today, the coalition-based organization, which started with 22 rescue groups, 54 animal control agencies and 85 veterinarians, is called NKUT (No-Kill Utah), and is on the verge of achieving a 90 percent save rate statewide.

At No More Homeless Pets in Utah, Julie also helped design and build many nationally recognized programs, such as the Big Fix mobile spay/neuter clinic, Furburbia mall adoption centers and Strut Your Mutt. In addition, Julie has held several management, marketing and consulting positions, including developing nationwide brand extensions for companies such as Coca-Cola, M&M Mars and Ocean Spray, and advising numerous animal welfare organizations on marketing, fundraising, spay/neuter and adoption programming.

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