Talia Butler

Talia ButlerOperations manager of Salt Lake County Animal Services

Talia Butler is the operations manager for Salt Lake County Animal Services. In this position, Talia is responsible for all shelter functions and special programs. The programs she heads include community cats and TNR (trap/neuter/return), humane education, animal behavior assessments and training, special populations, rescues, fosters, volunteers and outreach. Talia also directs the staff who monitor the health, care and evaluation of animals and the staff who handle customer service, adoptions, citations, licensing and redemptions. Talia has worked for Salt Lake County since 2008 and has been working within county government systems since 2003. Talia has over 15 years of experience managing programs, projects and personnel.

Through Talia’s leadership, Salt Lake County Animal Services has achieved and maintained no-kill status for the past three and a half years. Salt Lake County is one of the largest municipal jurisdictions in the country to achieve this goal. Talia has presented to numerous shelters, councils, elected officials and jurisdictions throughout the state on programs to improve their shelter operations. Talia excels at creating innovative programs that improve the lives of animals and citizens in Salt Lake County.

Talia is the author of Save Them All: A History of the No Kill Movement, which can be found in the Weber State University peer-reviewed archive, and she is currently conducting a community cat study with the University of Utah. Talia is FEMA R335 certified, chemical immobilization trained, animal evacuation and emergency trained, supervisory program certified, DEA licensed, animal care and behavior trained, EMT trained and formerly certified. She holds a B.S. degree from Weber State University.

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