Optional conference tracks on a variety of topics

The 2019 conference sessions are divided into eleven main categories called “tracks.” You can pick and choose sessions from different tracks, or follow one track to increase your overall education on a particular topic.

Be an advocate for animals track iconBe an advocate for animals

Being an effective animal advocate requires more than just a passion for and a love of all things furry. We’ll explore ways in which you can empower yourself and others to help homeless pets and save lives in your community. From working with local government officials to pass livesaving legislation to getting your local shelter on the path to becoming no-kill, this track will give you the tools you need to stand up and make a difference for animals in your area.

Ramp up your communication, marketing and branding efforts track iconRamp up your communication, marketing and branding efforts

Sessions on social media, digital campaigns, media relations: We’ve got it all. Your communications and marketing strategies determine whether you’re simply making an impression or making an impact. We’ll look at what it takes to deliver a memorable brand experience and create successful adoption, fundraising and foster campaigns. And we’ll dive into the best ways to take the multitude of channels and tactics currently available and make them work for you.

Power up your fundraising track iconPower up your fundraising

What should an online donation form look like? How many emails are too many? Is A/B (message) testing worth the time? How do you find major donors? The process of raising money often raises more questions than answers. Not to worry. We’ll present real-world examples and proven strategies to attract and cultivate donors both online and offline. You’ll also learn how to create authentic and meaningful partnerships with funders, you’re your grant application read and develop a clear fundraising plan.

Maximize your animal lifesaving capacity track iconMaximize your animal lifesaving capacity: Sponsored by Petco Foundation

At the end of the day, we all share the same goal: to save the lives of as many animals as possible. This track explores how your organization’s admission policies, adoption processes, foster programs, and more can be refreshed and revitalized to do just that. We’ll tap into the latest resources and expertise to help you redefine your approach to these lifesaving essentials so you can get even more dogs and cats into forever homes.

 Improve your leadership skills to save more animals track iconImprove your leadership skills to save more animals

“Teamwork makes the dream work,” as they say, but before any team can get to work, it needs a strong and fearless leader. This track will focus on creating a team culture for no-kill, embracing and implementing new ideas, identifying potential leaders and successfully navigating change. We’ll also look at what happens when a coalition of rescue groups pairs up with their local animal control. Spoiler alert: It’s dreamy.

Keeping shelter animals safe and healthy track iconKeeping shelter animals safe and healthy

Keeping animals safe, healthy and happy in a shelter while they wait for their happily-ever-afters is not an easy task. Distemper, parvo, FeLV, FIV and heartworm diagnoses and outbreaks are all too common, as are stressed and fearful animals. This track will address these challenges and suggest practical plans and best practices to manage them, keeping in mind the limited resources of shelters. We’ll also cover ways to run a no-kill organization without a staff, plus self-assessment and program playbooks for lifesaving.

Saving kittens, community cats and hard-to-place cats track iconSaving kittens, community cats and hard-to-place cats

If cats rule your world (and how could they not?), this track is for you. We’ll cover a wide range of cat-related topics, several of which involve community cats. You’ll learn how to create a comprehensive community cat program, keep cats healthy, determine whether a cat really needs rescuing and find alternative placements for community cats (e.g., barns and warehouses). We’ll also talk about getting fearful cats adopted, helping cats find their mojo and handling kitten season.

Saving more lives as an animal control officer track iconSaving more lives as an animal control officer

This track is geared toward animal control officers, field staff and shelter workers, each of whom plays a vital role in saving the lives of animals. As you know, the way you handle a situation in the field can mean the difference between life and death for an animal. Sessions will cover how to successfully resolve challenging situations, develop a like-minded team with a shared mission and earn the trust of your community.

Using technology to save more animals track iconUsing technology to save more animals

There’s a wide variety of apps and software currently available, many of which can save you precious time and money. And the more time and money you have to work with, the more lives you can save. This track will review real-life examples of how animal welfare groups are using technology to improve their day-to-day processes. You’ll leave armed with the knowledge you need to put technology to work for you.

Helping shelter dogs thrive track iconHelping shelter dogs thrive

Dogs can have a hard time adjusting to the loud, confined and often crowded environment of a shelter. This track will take a close look at best practices for dogs in terms of admission, intake, the first 24 hours and behavior assessment. We’ll cover body language and challenging behaviors, such as handling sensitivity and barrier and leash reactivity, with the ultimate goal of getting dogs out of the shelter and into forever homes.

Working to Save Them All: A regional approach track iconWorking to Save Them All: A regional approach

Interested in connecting with passionate individuals like yourself who are dedicated to achieving no-kill? Want to learn more about the lifesaving work happening in your part of the country? Then this is the workshop for you. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate and problem-solve with like-minded folks on solutions to the challenges, barriers and realities specific to your area. Please sign up for the session that corresponds with the region in which you live.