Auriana Brown

Shelter Director, Fulton County Animal Services

LifeLine Animal Project

I am currently the placement manager at Lifeline Animal Project. I started working for LifeLine Animal Project in 2016 as a client care coordinator, was promoted to volunteer coordinator and also held adoptions and foster coordinator positions. I am also able to contribute to the medical conversations of animal welfare from prior training and knowledge gained during the time I’ve been with LifeLine. As the placement manager, I am able to be instrumental in the growth of the departments/positions that I once held. That, in turn, assists me in navigating my team toward growth and positive outcomes.
As the animal welfare industry grows and evolves, there is a need to rebuild community based relationships/trust and strengthen pet-owner relationships. Providing resources and alternative rehoming methods is just another part of building those relationships. And doing so without bias or judgment is important to maintaining and strengthening them.