Betsy McFarland, CAWA, CVA



Betsy McFarland is a strategist, facilitator and problem solver who has forged a unique professional niche focused on empowering staff and volunteers committed to tackling challenging societal issues.
Betsy brings 25 years of experience in animal protection, including serving as vice president of The Humane Society of the United States’ (HSUS) companion animals section. In her 18 years at HSUS, she led the organization’s national legislative
work related to pets and developed transformational programs aimed at keeping pets in homes and increasing adoption of pets from shelters and rescue groups.
Betsy is a certified animal welfare administrator (CAWA) through the Association of Animal Welfare Advancement (AAWA). She has provided direct assistance to hundreds of animal shelters, humane organizations and other agencies around the world in handling various animal care and protection issues.
Passionate about engaging the community, Betsy is a certified volunteer administrator (CVA) and has extensive experience in engaging and growing volunteers within both large and small organizations. She is the author of Volunteer Management for Animal Care Organizations and has published research on staff-volunteer relationships.
Betsy holds a degree in psychology from George Mason University and holds executive certificates in facilitation as well as organizational consulting and change leadership through Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership.