Christi Metropole

Executive Director

When Christi Metropole encountered a stray and needy kitten in 1999, she was appalled to learn that little to no resources existed to help her, her cat, and thousands like them. As a result, she founded Stray Cat Alliance and soon, feral and freeroaming cats had found a formidable ally. Under Christis unwavering leadership, hundreds of volunteers and scores of donors have since united to provide education, human power and skills to perform trapneuterreturn TNR for thousands of cats who need help. Under her astute direction, Stray Cat Alliances dedicated network helps ensure a safer, healthier quality of life for feral, stray, homeless or community cats who are often misunderstood and targeted and wouldnt otherwise survive and flourish. Christi is acknowledged as the influential and candid voice for those cats. She is the go to source on the subject, and her opinion is sought by other humane proponents needing sound advice. She is frequently requested as a speaker on critical issues related to cat care and protection, laws regarding humane treatment and human healthrelated concerns. Her experience as a teacher with the Los Angeles Unified School District and as a realtor with Keller Williams Realty Brentwood has honed integral skills that help strategically steer the course and further development of Stray Cat Alliance.