Jamie Case

Executive Director

Jamie Case
Jamie Case is the executive director of Gateway Pet Guardians (GPG). GPG's work is concentrated in the East St. Louis, Illinois, metro community, where almost half of the residents live below the poverty line. Since she became the executive director in 2010, the organization has grown exponentially.

Jamie leads a strong team of volunteers and staff to create community change on the ground level through outreach efforts. In 2014, she worked with East St. Louis city officials to eliminate breed-specific verbiage and update outdated inhumane verbiage in the city ordinance. This is one of the many steps Jamie and her team have taken to reduce the number of strays wandering the community's streets. The East St. Louis area is a resource desert, with one animal control officer dedicated to more than 64,000 residents.

In 2012, Jamie and her rescue team began transferring animals from the county's high-kill animal services euthanasia list. The euthanasia list was full of animals from the GPG service area because of the lack of resources. Since that time, Jamie has been dedicated to reducing the number of animals killed each year in St. Clair County. She pushed for integration of Illinois organizations into the local St. Louis animal welfare coalition, bridging the gap between Illinois and Missouri welfare initiatives. She also led the charge to put pressure on county officials to improve conditions and procedures at St. Clair County Animal Services.

To further improve the county's dedication to its animals, the St. Clair County Animal Abuse Task Force was created with the help of Jamie and her team in 2015. And in 2016, Jamie and other citizens created the St. Clair County Animal Welfare Advocates group, which is now working on the county's recently passed no-kill resolution. The county plans to become no-kill by 2021.

Thursday, July 13, 2017
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
No-Kill Resolutions: Committing to No-Kill at the Local Level