Janel Griffieth

Manager of Grassroots Advocacy

Best Friends Animal Society

I graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in public health. Prevention has always been a major objective for me in all aspects of community health. I found my passion in life at the Oklahoma Humane Society, the largest animal nonprofit organization in Oklahoma, where I led and grew the neonatal program to save the fragile lives of thousands of infant puppies and kittens. I have spoken to thousands of people about animal welfare and brought awareness to not only the plight of animals in the community but their human companions, too. This is where I grew my passion for nonprofit work, saving the lives of animals and helping my community. I truly believe every living being deserves a life free of unnecessary harm and violence. Additionally, I have an immense commitment to bringing diverse groups of people together. Representation matters. It is important that every field have diversity, equity and inclusion. This is where real change comes from.