Jon Grobman


Paws for Life K9 Rescue

Jon Grobman is the director of Paws For Life K9 Rescue. In his role as director, Jon oversees the training programs inside three California state prisons. Jon brings with him eight years of dog training experience, including training service dogs for military veterans with PTSD. Jon is an experienced teacher who has taught hundreds of group classes for all levels, many workshops and seminars.Jon is passionate about strengthening the human-animal bond and focuses heavily on observation to create enriching training programs for individual dogs. Jon studied dog emotion and cognition at Duke University and is an AKC-certified evaluator. Jon’s hands-on experience overseeing the training of hundreds of dogs has played a valuable role in him gaining the necessary skills to oversee such a large program.In his spare time, Jon trains his Belgian Malinois, who is fluent in more than 60 commands and is often by Jon’s side at seminars and speaking engagements.