Jordan Craig

Executive Director

Spay Neuter Network

Jordan Craig is the executive director of Spay Neuter Network (SNN). Prior to joining the SNN team, she started her career in animal welfare in the nonprofit sector, working in wildlife rehabilitation and then domestic animal sheltering. Jordan became a part of Austin Animal Services in 2010, starting out cleaning kennels during the overnight shift. For the next eight years she worked closely with her colleagues to create innovative strategies to achieve Austin’s vision of a 90% live release rate. She joined the Dallas Animal Services (DAS) team in 2018, and served as the general manager, overseeing shelter, medical and field operations. As one of the largest open-intake shelters in the country, she worked with her team at DAS to improve programs and execute new strategies to better serve the residents of Dallas and improve processes in the shelter. In her leadership roles, she has endeavored to improve the quality of life for both the animals and the employees. Jordan has spoken at national and regional animal welfare conferences to help other agencies learn how to use data and automation to develop strategies to help improve processes and break through barriers in the field of animal welfare.