Megann Smith

Assistant Manager

Wood County Humane Society

After completing her bachelor’s degree in psychology, Megann was in search of that perfect job opportunity. When she applied to work with the Wood County Humane Society, she didn’t realize the direction that the journey and path it would take her. Early in her time there, she noticed the environment was very dog-centric and quickly gravitated toward the cats. Her drive to help cats reached full force after meeting a cat named Tess, who was dealt a bad hand. Noted to be a former house cat, Tess was deemed fractious and unadoptable once in shelter. Megann’s goal fully became to do better for shelter cats. Working within a smaller organization allowed her to experience a variety of education opportunities and she really centered in on cat behavior in a shelter setting. This focus allowed her to share the “cat pawsitive pro” program with her shelter, introduce fear-free concepts and continual growth and education in terms of feline sheltering standards and care. With eight years in animal welfare, Megann is still with the Wood County Humane Society but has worked other area shelters to create feline behavior plans, housing and handling techniques, and other various education to improve the stay of shelter cats. With the amazing opportunities she’s taken advantage of, plus her combined education and experience, she is working to share what she knows to help the future Tesses of the shelter world.