Monica Frenden-Tarant

Chief Innovation Officer: Feline Lifesaving

Cincinnati Animal Care

Monica Frenden-Tarant is the chief innovation officer, feline lifesaving at Cincinnati Animal CARE with The Joanie Bernard Foundation, and is helping organizations create the most humane city in the country for cats. A decade before anyone had heard of such a thing, she cut her teeth founding a trap-neuter-return organization in rural Illinois and pioneered one of the nation's first and largest working cat programs. In 2012, she joined Austin Pets Alive, where she led her team to an 88% growth in cat adoptions and helped Austin achieve a citywide 98% live release rate for cats. Monica then spent years as an instructor for the Maddie’s Fund Lifesaving Academy, teaching shelters best practices and innovative lifesaving programs, advancing research in feline retroviruses and progressing public policy as a City of Austin animal advisory commissioner. Monica is a frequent speaker and advisor on innovative ways to save every cat, including cats with feline leukemia, community cats and shelter cats in need of medical care.