Nicole Carey

Adoption Program Manager

SICSA Pet Adoption and Wellness Center

Nicole Carey is an Ohio native who graduated from The Ohio State University in 2012 with a bachelor’s in bachelor’s degree in English. Nicole's studies imbued her with a lifelong curiosity about language and the ways people talk to each other. In 2021, she completed the first Best Friends Management Leadership Certification course and has used tools from this course to continue growing and improving herself and her programs.Nicole started working at SICSA Pet Adoption Center in 2017 as an adoption counselor because she wanted to get engaged in an organization where she could be a bigger part of the community. After progressing to a team lead in 2018 and being a pivotal part of shifting the adoption process from a barrier heavy checklist to a conversational adoption process, she became the adoption program manager in 2020. In this position, Nicole has overseen program growth and adaptability in the time of COVID-19, implemented a supportive team care environment with a focus on wellness and resiliency, and continued to prioritize and encourage a client friendly adoption process. In line with SICSA's mission, she has a passion for nurturing loving, lifelong relationships between animals and people.