Patti Clayton

Community Engagement Practitioner-Scholar

PHC Ventures; NC Campus Compact

Patti H. Clayton was born and raised, and she continues to live in North Carolina with her husband, Kevin, and their feline family. She enjoys being in the mountains, especially in southwest Virginia, and visiting national parks, especially Zion and Denali. John Denver, Parker Palmer and Star Trek are major influences in her life. Patti is an independent consultant (PHC Ventures, www.curricularengagement.com) with more 20 years of experience as a practitioner-scholar and educational developer in service learning and community engagement (SLCE) and in experiential education. Her interests include democratic engagement, transformational learning and partnerships, critical reflection, civic learning and relationships within the more-than-human world. She is currently partnering with Dorcas Ministries, as well as animal welfare and social justice organizations in North Carolina to deepen and expand programming and services that provide holistic support for families, including nonhuman family members.