Scott Trebatoski

Department Director

Scott Trebatoski
With private sector experience outside the realm of animal welfare, Scott Trebatoski has been the ever-questioning, ever-innovating shelter director since 2001 in three different communities in Florida. All of his direct experience is in government-operated organizations, but he has also consulted with nongovernmental agencies.

While in Jacksonville, he worked with a coalition of partners to pioneer the first large-scale community cat program in which all semi-social and feral cats were sterilized, vaccinated and returned (6,000 the first year alone who would have otherwise been euthanized). By challenging the norm, he has helped two Florida communities — Jacksonville and Hillsborough County (Tampa) — achieve maximum lifesaving levels.

Some of the programs he has helped develop are the community cat program in which all outdoor living cats were sterilized and returned, regardless of their demeanor; a "Wait Until 8" program in which the shelter provides citizens with all the supplies and medical services needed to allow neonatal kittens to be fostered at the homes of the finders, so they can turn them in after they reach eight weeks of age for sterilization and adoption; community liaison officers who help citizens become better pet owners without the fear of being issued citations or having their pets seized; and various adoption and rescue initiatives to get pets out of the shelter as quickly as possible.

Improving the world of animal welfare and sheltering is a key goal of Scott's, and he is always willing to help as time permits, whether by phone or email. In some cases, he has even traveled to other communities to assist them in starting lifesaving programs.

Friday, July 14, 2017
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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