Sheryl Blancato


Second Chance Animal Services, Inc.

Sheryl Blancato is the founder and CEO of Second Chance Animal Services (SCAS) in Massachusetts. The holder of CAWA and CFRE designations, Sheryl has a lifelong devotion to animals, especially to those in need. In addition to the founding of this organization in 1999, she also has worked in the animal welfare field for nearly 30 years. This includes 25 years as an animal control officer and animal inspector for multiple local towns and serving on multiple disaster teams helping pets. She also co-authored a book, Walking off Leash, on the founding and growth of SCAS, which has quickly grown to one of the larger organizations in the Northeast (from a $400 start to the current $6 million organization). She helped to pioneer access to care veterinary services in Massachusetts by establishing the first hospital, which has grown to four full-service hospitals. Through innovative practices, SCAS has rapidly grown and continues to expand to help more pets. She loves to share information to help improve animal welfare so that more pets can receive assistance. Second Chance Animal Services has become a leader in animal welfare practices that help develop new ways to conserve resources and provide assistance to more pets while maintaining sustainability. Second Chance helps more than 40,000 pets a year through adoption, access to care veterinary hospitals and several community based programs such as Project Good Dog (which works with correctional facilities to provide training for behaviorally needy pets), a pet food pantry and other projects.