Karen Parker

Executive Director

Heart of the Foothills Animal Rescue

Karen Parker is the founder and executive director of Heart of the Foothills Animal Rescue (HFAR), a no-kill animal shelter located in Rutherford County, North Carolina, that each year takes in and finds loving homes for approximately 500 cats and dogs. Her mission is to make Rutherford County a no-kill community where people value companion animals as lifelong cherished family members. She is a strong advocate for educating the community on the importance of the lifetime commitment made to animals and to assisting individuals who may not have the financial resources to properly care for their animals, but who still love and want to keep them. To that end, Karen has made alliances with other organizations that operate food pantries, perform low cost spay/neuter and assist with medical bills. HFAR also takes in animals directly from the community so that they do not go to the county shelter, but also works with the county shelter to pull animals (space permitting) when able. Finally, Karen has partnered with rescue groups in other parts of the country where pet overpopulation is not as prevalent to transport animals to them, where they are adopted almost immediately. These transported animals come from HFAR, the county shelter and sometimes from shelters in surrounding counties when space is available.Prior to founding HFAR, she was the manager of the Rutherford County chapter of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. She also was a volunteer at the county shelter where she videoed animals to enhance their adoption possibilities.